Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters

Chisholm Gallery is located at 325 ½ West 16th Street New York City, NY 10011. Click here to view a map.

We are open 12-6 pm Tuesday through Saturdays,on Sundays 1-5pm and by chance or appointment! We hope you have the opportunity to visit the gallery. Call us at 212.243.8834 or email us at Payment for posters can be by check, MasterCard and Visa. Posters are shipped well packed and insured, via UPS. Shipping charges varies between $20-$30 in the US, depending on destination and value. We ship worldwide. Gail Chisholm was the inaugural President of the International Vintage Poster Dealers Association at its inception in 1996.

Chisholm Gallery has been specializing in original posters for over 25 years in New York and abroad, featuring such prominent artists as Cappiello, Robys, Herve Morvan, Colin, Fix-Masseau, Leupin, Carlu, Tamagno, Broders, Francis Bernard, Cassandre, Penfield, Dorival, Constant-Duval, Jean d'Ylen, Eric and Savignac. Some notable collectable subjects available at the gallery include food, wine and spirits, travel, exhibition, transport and entertainment.

All our posters are original lithographic advertising pieces. Created for street postings and intended to last a few colorful weeks, these are the exceptions that have survived thanks to printers and early collector enthusiasts! Major influences on poster prices are artist, condition, subject matter and rarity. Most posters listed have been archivally mounted on museum paper and then on linen to maintain their excellent condition, however, a few are listed as un-backed. In our gallery, many of the posters are one of a kind, while we have duplicates of others. Prices reflect the rarity and replaceability of each piece.

Though our online gallery is an excellent representation of our inventory, it is ever-changing as we continually buy and sell, and stock over 3000 original posters. Since it is impossible to show every piece we have, we are happy to search our inventory for a specific poster, genre, period, or subject in your price range. Please call us if you have any questions, need details, or simply want to know more about posters in general. Or perhaps you are still looking for that one elusive piece you saw in a window twenty years ago and haven't seen since!

Some interesting historical facts . . .

1979: US Food Administration posters of WWI/WWII food conservation
1986: Leonetto Cappiello posters by the father of modern design, 1898-1938
1994: Poster Art of the British Railway
1996: Leonetto Cappiello posters by the father of modern advertising
1998: Francis Bernard graphic design and photo montage
1999: L’Invitation Au Voyage French travel posters, 1910-1940
1999: Mather Work Incentive Posters with John Heller
2000: Affichette point of purchase advertising posters
2001: Atomic Age Design mid-century modern posters
2002: A.M. Cassandre and the French avante-garde posters
2002: Leisure Time posters relating to summer pleasures
2003: From Bloom to Harvest, Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
2004: Peace Signs - Posters of the Anti War Movement

1975-1985: 277 West 4th Street, NYC 10014
1985-1994: 43 Greenwich Ave., NYC 10014
1994-2003: 55 West 17th Street, 6th Floor NYC 10011
2003-2009: 56 West 22nd Street, 2nd Floor NYC 10010
2009-present: 325 1/2 West 16th Street, NYC 10011

Our return policy: If a poster purchased from us is not as we have described, you have 6 days to return it to us for a refund or exchange. Don't hesitate to call or write us if you have any questions.