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American: All posters are not just European! From 1890's Harper's magazine posters to Coca-Cola, from ice cream to airlines, here are just a few of our American posters! Be sure to check out more in Travel, Transportation, Propaganda, and all the other categories as well. Or contact us if there is a particular original vintage American poster you are looking for.

American Publishing
American Publishing
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                                        Lippincott's - February (Valentines)
     Harpers April
 May Century - Garden Number
A Girl Who Wrote
Century - Midwinter Fiction Number
New York Times, You Get More (Dog)
Folly or Saintliness
Harper's - March
Harper's - October
Harper's April
Harper's April Joan of Arc
Harper's October
Harpers 1897
Lippincott's - March (Dark Blue Jacket)
Lippincott's - September (Cruise)
Lippincott's December (Woman in Green)
Lippincott's March (Yellow Coat)
October Century - Field Sports and Fiction
Outing The Vacation Magazine
Saturday Evening Post - Call Me Lucky in Bings Own Words
Saturday Evening Post - Can FDR Jr. Get His Father's Old Job?
Saturday Evening Post - Pigskin Preview of 1940
Saturday Evening Post - Revolt in Philadelphia
Saturday Evening Post - The Strange Case of Frankie Laine
Saturday Evening Post - The Terrible Twelve of Capital Hill
Saturday Evening Post - What's Behind The Prison Riots?
Saturday Evening Post -Tales of the Valorous Virginians
Scribner's (The Christmas Scribner) Three Kings Vignette
Scribner's Christmas Number (Three Kings of Orient Night)
Scribner's Fiction Number
Scribner's for June
St. Nicholas - August
The Century Midsummer Holiday Number
The January Century
The Village Voice: Expect the Unexpected (Magician)
Two Women and a Fool