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American: All posters are not just European! From 1890's Harper's magazine posters to Coca-Cola, from ice cream to airlines, here are just a few of our American posters! Be sure to check out more in Travel, Transportation, Propaganda, and all the other categories as well. Or contact us if there is a particular original vintage American poster you are looking for.

American Publishing
American Publishing
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     Harpers April
   Reading is Fun, Book Week Nov. 15-21
 May Century - Garden Number
A Girl Who Wrote
Century - Midwinter Fiction Number
New York Times (Rowboat)
Folly or Saintliness
Harper's - March
Harper's - October
Harper's April
New York Times, You Get More (Dog)
Harper's April Joan of Arc
Harper's May
Harper's October
Harpers 1897
Lippincott's - February (Valentines)
Lippincott's - March (Dark Blue Jacket)
Lippincott's - September (Cruise)
Lippincott's December (Woman in Green)
Lippincott's March (Yellow Coat)
October Century - Field Sports and Fiction
Saturday Evening Post
Saturday Evening Post - Call Me Lucky in Bings Own Words
Saturday Evening Post - Can FDR Jr. Get His Father's Old Job?
Saturday Evening Post - Frankie Laine
Saturday Evening Post - My 15 Years with the MacCarthurs
Saturday Evening Post - Pigskin Preview of 1940
Saturday Evening Post - Revolt in Philadelphia
Saturday Evening Post - What's Behind The Prison Riots?
Saturday Evening Post -Tales of the Valorous Virginians
Saturday Evening Post St Patricks Cake
Scribner's (The Christmas Scribner) Three Kings Vignette
Scribner's Christmas Number (Three Kings of Orient Night)
Scribner's for June
St. Nicholas - August
The Century Midsummer Holiday Number
The January Century
The Village Voice: Expect the Unexpected (Magician)
Two Women and a Fool
Workshop School - Design is Everywhere