Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
American: All posters are not just European! From 1890's Harper's magazine posters to Coca-Cola, from ice cream to airlines, here are just a few of our American posters! Be sure to check out more in Travel, Transportation, Propaganda, and all the other categories as well. Or contact us if there is a particular original vintage American poster you are looking for.

American Publishing
American Publishing
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                                                    Washington The City Beautiful
                                                Suggestions at the Holiday Table
             Philadelphia Wishes You Were Here! Pennsylvania Railroad
           Plant a Victory Garden Our Food is Fighting
          YWCA Play the Game
                                                         NYC Harbor Festival - The Liners are Coming
 American Airlines All Europe
 Buy A Share in America - US Defense Bonds
 McCall's Magazine
America Calling
American Airlines - Boston
    Big Game Fish Map
American Airlines - Chicago Pacific Airlines
American Pansies
Amphitryon 38
Antigone by  Jean Anouilh
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Bird Guide
7 Up Wet UN Wild Yellow Submarine
Bob Dylan
C & H - Cup of Gold Aloha
California Wine - Champagne
California Wine - Sherry - Wine Land of America
California Wine - Wine Land of America (Press)
AL. G. Field Big Minstrels
Character Culture Citizenship - Cooperate
Character Culture Citizenship - Easter
Character Culture Citizenship - Let's Finish the Job
Character Culture Citizenship - Little Tooth Brush
Character Culture Citizenship - Tell the Truth
Character Culture Citizenship - Use Baskets
Character Culture Citizenship Columbus
Character Culture Citizenship Guide Every Link
Character Culture Citizenship Guide Smile
Character Culture Citizenship Honor thy Mother and Father
Exhibition/Art Directors Club
Character Culture Citizenship Keep and Clean
Character Culture Citizenship Our Flag
Character Culture Citizenship Peace on Earth
Character Culture Citizenship White Clouds
Children's Spring Book Festival
Float with Coke
Container Corp. of America - Broadway
Container Corporation of America - Wall Street
Decouvrez Un Nouveau Monde <br>Discover the New World - Visit the United States - New Bedford
Del Monte Garden Show (Checkerspot Butterfly)
Del Monte Garden Show (Tiger Butterfly)
Harbor Festival 1979, Join the Armada
Del Monte Garden Show (Two Butterflies)
Del Monte Garden Show (Yellow Butterfly)
Design for Living
Epitaph for George Dillon  by John Osborne & Anthony Creighton
Go Greyhound Bus Niagra Falls (Pink)
Harper's November
Go Greyhound Niagara Falls (Sky Tram)
Harper's - May
It's Up to All of Us! - Football
Jacob Hoffmann Brewery
Levis - Cowboy
Ivory Soap Maquette
Mardi Gras 1988 New Orleans (Masked Reveler)
Mather Work Incentive Let's Clear the Air
Montana Tea
National Airlines New Orleans
New York Scene - Downtown
Mother's Bread
Olympic Park The Place For Fun (Vertical)
Other People's Money - The Famous Letter Scene
Pansies Ferry's Seeds
Private Lives
Rain   -   Colton & Randolph
New York Wins
Save the Products of the Land
Sow Ferry's Seeds
Take a Trip to Lotus Land
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room
The Under-Pants -Carl Sternheim
New York, New York
Together We Win United States Shipping Board (Flagg)
Trout (American 1950's Uncut Die-Cut)
Van Osten and Day
Warning! <br> Inflation Means Depression <br> Register Vote
Which Will Win? War Peace - Disarm!
NYC Harbor Festival 1981, Sailor
Workshop School - Graphic Symbolism is Visual Language (Face)
Yale Bulldog
NYC Harbor Festival 1983 A Scandinavian American Salute (Small)
Vitality High..! Calorie Low..! BANANAS
Yellowstone Park by Northern Pacific