Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Arts & Culture: These original vintage posters for worlds fairs, art exhibitions, international expositions and cultural events are some of our personal favorites.

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approximately 47x63" to 38x58"
                      Emprunt Francaise des Petroles (47x63)
                Semaine Mondiale de La Publicite
        Emprunt Acier (Yellow Car 47x63)
      La Vie Collective
49e Salon de L'Auto (Eric)
                                      NYC Harbor Festival 1983 - A Scandinavian American Salute (Large)
Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Edition
Arts Menagers (Auto sweeper Button) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Black and White 1930/ 47x63)
Arts Menagers (Black Background/ Yellow Wind-up Helper) 47x63
               Olympic Park The Place For Fun (Horizontal)
Arts Menagers (Black Background/House) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Black with Orange House/ 47x63)
Arts Menagers (Couple in House/ Green & White) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Couple in House/ Purple & White) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Happy House and Rose) 47x63
Exhibition/Art Directors Club
Arts Menagers (Many Arms) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Multi-cultural House/ 47x63)
Arts Menagers (Pale Blue) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Red) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Robot with Heart/ 47x63)
Arts Menagers (Type Only)
Arts Menagers (Yellow/ 47x63)
Emprunt Acier (Rig 47x63)
Floralies International Paris
Floralies Internationales Exposition d'Automne  (Dahlia/ Large)
Floralies Internationales Exposition d'Ete LARGE (Rose)
Foire-Exposition Strasbourg
Habiter C'est Vivre
La Marine en Direct A La Tour Eiffel
Loterie Nationale (Real Estate Girl - Large)
Loterie Nationale Saisissez La Fortune
Salon D'Automne
Salon International de L'Architecture