Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Arts & Culture: These original vintage posters for worlds fairs, art exhibitions, international expositions and cultural events are some of our personal favorites.

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approximately 36x51" to 22x34"
                                            Blumen zum Feste
                                    Exposition Universelle Bruxelles 1910 (Brussels)
                                    Kunstsalon Wolfsberg
                                 Feuillet d'Art
                             De Mode in de wereldsteden (Fashion in the World/ Fashion Week)
                                                                    Troubadours Eureka
                             Fiestas de San Isidro Madrid 1973
                            Time for Travel
                         El Cancer Puede Curarse
                     Mather Work Incentive Rough Going
                                      Monnaie De Paris (White Abstract)
          Royal Danish Ballet and Music
        Biennale Di Venezia - Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica
       Aargauer Newspaper (Frog)
      32e concours Lepine, Le Salon des Inventions
     Bal de L'AAAA (A Magic City)
         Olma St. Gallen  Cow
     Efficiency Tentoonstelling Amsterdam
     Koloniale Tentoonstelling
    Jubileum Ko v. Dijk. Als De Jonge Wijn Bloeit
   AGI Design Amsterdam
        V Festival Mondial de La Jeunesse et des Etudiants Varsovie 1955
  Fetes de Paris
  Fetes de Paris 1934 (Cassandre)
  Spain Arabic Art
  XXV Biennale Internazionale D'Arte Venezia
 Del Monte Garden Show Kitten
Animaux Savage VI - Gorille & Hippopotame (Afrique)
 Del Monte Garden Show Kittens
 Del Monte Garden Show Puppy
 Silber Reflexe
1st Societe des Decorateurs Francais
Ahoi! Soeben Frisch Gelandet
Animaux Savage VII - Elephant  D'Afrique & Crocodile Alligator
Alvin Ailey City Center Dance Theater
American Museum of Natural History
Amerika Bygger
Amsterdam Fetes D'Ete Juin 1932
Aquarium Mosans
Animaux Savage XI - Panthere Noire & Orang-outang
Artists Against the War: Society of Illustrators
Arts Menagers (Black with Orange House/ 25x40)
Arts Menagers (Brown/ 25x40)
Arts Menagers (Colorful House & Painter/ 25x40)
Arts Menagers (Multi-cultural House 32x47)
Animaux Savages X - Boa Constrictor, Lamas, & Jaguar (Sud Amerique)
Arts Menagers (Pink, Red, with Rose) 32x47
Arts Menagers (Robot with Heart/ 25x40)
Australia 150th Anniversary Celebrations
Berlino Agricultural Exhibition
Bicycle Print (No Text)
Banque Nationale de Credit Emprunt Nationale
Break Reactions Grip
Bruxelles Exposition Universelle
Buitenlande Industriele Vorm
Chappee Le Grande Marque Francaise
Collectionnez les Images Steinfels
British Empire Exhibition (Australia Cattle Station)
Container Corporation of America - Lincoln Center New York
Cox and Co.
Cuba, Alegre Como Su Sol
Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
Danske Tegneres Udstilling Avisen Bogen Plakaten
British Empire Exhibition (Ireland Seaweed Gatherers)
De Jordaan
Del Monte Garden Show (Checkerspot Butterfly)
Del Monte Garden Show (Orange Butterfly)
Del Monte Garden Show (Tiger Butterfly)
Del Monte Garden Show (Two Butterflies)
British Empire Exhibition (Newfoundland)
Del Monte Garden Show (Yellow Butterfly)
Denmarks National Agricultural Exhibition
ED. Sagot
Emprunt Acier
Emprunt Acier (Yellow Car 30x40)
British Empire Exhibition (West Indies)
En morgen... een middag... een avond in Mei. (Dutch Fashion Week/ Open Birdcage)
Exposition Wonderland (Fish)
Fashionweek Amsterdam (Dress Forms)
Film en Foto R.A.I.
Floralies (Paris 1964/Villemot/Medium Size)
British Empire Exhibition - (Sudan)
Floralies International Nantes 1963
Floralies Internationales Paris 1959 Bezombes (Larger)
Four Freedoms: Freedom of Speech
French Season 1960
Geef een Boek (Rainy Day)
British Empire Exhibition 1924 - (Gold Coast King of Ashantis))
George Pomies
Holland E55
Holland Festival
Ideal Home Exhibition
International Music Festival
Carnevale a Venezia
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Jagt og Skov
Jazz Festival Zurich
Le Figaro (Bunad and Skaut)
Leningrader Musik Festspiele 1934
Exposition Nationale 1898 - Chatearoux
London Transport (Abstract Garden/ No Text)
London Underground - Natural History Museum
London Underground - Picassos
Maggio Musical May
Mather Work Incentive Favorites
Free South Africa
Mather Work Incentive Let's Clear the Air
Mode a la Carte
Monte Carlo International Television Festival
Mor Og Barn
Mather Motivational Poster: Costs
Mother and Child
Musee de L'Affiche (Scroll)
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
Mather Motivational Poster: Is It Mine?
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
New York World's Fair (Black) LARGE
New York World's Fair 1964-1965 (Pink)
Nihon Buyo UCLA Asian Performing Arts Institute
Opdracht (Task)
Mather Motivational Poster: Listen to That Cough
Openlucht Theater (Outdoor Theater) Zandvoort
Orient Line Cruises To the Mediterranean by Orion Orontes & Orcades
Pageant of Empire Wembley
Paris 1937 - Cappiello
Paris Exposition Internationale - 1937
Mather Work Incentive Can You Keep Your Eye On the Ball
Pecheurs Maritimes Tunis
Primer Festival del Libro de America (First Festival of the Book of America) Caracas
RAI Tentoonstelling Personenautomobielen
Roses de Bagatelle - 1966
New York Times, You Get More (Dog)
Roy Lichtenstein - MOMA
Salon de Humoristes
Salon de L'Auto 1971
Salon International de l'Auto
Seccion de Psiquiatria e Higiene Mental
Wildlife in Australia
Tentoonstelling - Zypendaal Arnhem
Tentoonstelling van Weefkunst en Ceramiek Haarlem
The Indian Museum
The New School, For a Heart, Courage or a Brain
The Trocadero Aquarium
The Village Voice: Expect the Unexpected (Magician)
Thun - Nationaler Concours Hippique
Tildens Mobler
Trafik Turist Udstilling Forum
Tuchfuhlung  (A Feeling For Cloth)
Voedingssalon Den Haag - The Hauge Food Fair
Weerzien der Zwaluwensame (Dutch Fashion Week/ Swallows))
Workshop School - Graphic Symbolism is Visual Language (Face)
Workshop School of Advertising and Editorial Art (Indian)
Zoo Kobenhavn
Zoologico De La Habana
Zoologisk Have
Zurich Gartenbau-Ausstellung