Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
World Travel: Around the world travel destinations tempt the romantic wanderluster in us all. Romantic and dramatic views beckon to voyagers, travelers and adventurers alike. Generally in 24 x 38 format.

French Travel
French Travel
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British and The Americas
British and The Americas
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Asia, Africa, Australia
Asia, Africa, Australia
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Other European
Other European
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Asia, Africa, Australia (includes India)
                                                                        Air France - Afrique Occidentale/Equatoriale (Elephants) 1/4 Sheet
                                                            Lloyd Triestino The Highways to the Near East Egypt and Bombay
                                      Australia BOAC Snorkler
                        Java - Visit Java the Garden of the East
                     Israel From Ship to Settlement
           Australia Map
                    See India Benares (Shep)
                Visit India Benares -Indian State Railways
               Allahabad- Indian State Railways
               Visit India Budh Gaya- Indian State Railways
               Visit India Udaipur -Indian State Railway
Animaux Savage VI - Gorille & Hippopotame (Afrique)
              Australia Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
              Visit India Howrah Bridge Calcutta  - Indian State Railways
            Visit India Ellora-Indian State Railways
           Qantas South Africa
           Tasmania for the Angler
Animaux Savage VII - Elephant  D'Afrique & Crocodile Alligator
          Big Ship Route - White Star Line
          South Africa & Australia White Star
      Cie de Navigation Mixte -  l' Algerie, la Tunisie, et les Baleares
     Koloniale Tentoonstelling
     South Africa (Headdress)
Animaux Savage XI - Panthere Noire & Orang-outang
    Air France - Near East
    South and East Africa Union Castle Line
   Orient Line to Australia The New Liner
  Air India (Shikar)
  Deux Mille Ans D'Art Au Maroc
Animaux Savage XII - Pingouins, Baleine Franche, Ours Blanc
Aerovias Guest - Miami/Mexico
Air France Amerique De Sud Maroc-Algerie Map
Air France Tahiti
Air India - Bangkok
Air India - Perth
British Empire Exhibition (Australia Cattle Station)
Australia (Woman with Surfboard)
Australia 150th Anniversary Celebrations
Australia Sail Matson
Bienvenue en Union Sovietique Intourist Map
British Empire Exhibition - (Sudan)
BOAC - Egypt
BOAC - India
British India Line East Africa
Cambodia Phnom Penh (Purple)
Dessins D'Enfants Vietnamiens
British Empire Exhibition 1924 - (Gold Coast King of Ashantis))
Discover Australia During the Celebration
Emprunt de la Paix Souscrivez a la Banque Industrielle de Chine
Fly to the Orient BOAC
Hong Kong Northwest Orient Airlines
India Banaras
Empire Marketing Board- A Sudan Cotton Field
Israel (Fish)
Israel (Yellow)
Israel Haifa From Mount Carmel (Photographic)
Israel Welcome to Israel
Japanese Prints of Today (New York Cultural Center)
Empire Marketing Board- Sisal in East Africa
Jet National Florida (Golf)
Kashmir Calling
Lufthansa Karachi Calcutta Bangkok
Messagerie Maritime Globe
Messageries Maritime - Japan
Nach Sudamerika
Pan Am - Calcutta
SAS - Indien (India)
SAS Afrique
South Africa (Gazelle and Her Reflection)
Wildlife in Australia
Sydney Australia
Tentoonstelling - Zypendaal Arnhem
The Americas  Pan Am Map
The Indian Museum
Tokyo Grand Festival of Asakusa Kannon JAL (Gold)
TWA - Hong Kong
TWA - India (Pink)
USSR - Country of 189 Peoples
Victoria Luxury Caribbean Cruises
Visit Hong Kong BOAC
Western Australia