Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Entertainment: Cabaret, opera, performing arts, from the world famous Maurice Chevalier to unknown performers, the world of entertainment of the last 100 years; Also arts exhibits and festivals.

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                        Mardi Gras 1988 New Orleans (Masked Reveler)
                     Fasching Munchen (Carnival Munich)
        Succes Boeken (Dutch Book Week/ Owls)
    Radiola (Conductor Hand)
   Reading is Fun, Book Week Nov. 15-21
7UP Un and Un is Too
 Amor Musicae
A Country Girl
Amphitryon 38
Antigone by  Jean Anouilh
Aquarium de Monaco
Aladdin Grand Opera House
Bal de La Pharmacie
Bal de Sevres
Bob Dylan
Bobino Josephine
Hootenanny Hoot
Design for Living
Dick Waleson and Theo van der Pas
Epitaph for George Dillon  by John Osborne & Anthony Creighton
Ethel Barrymore
Geef Een Boek  (Dutch Book Week/ Santas)
Greta Garbo
Het Theater
HMS Pinafore - Or the Lass That Loved a Sailor
In the Summerhouse
Ira and George Gershwin
Schneider Radio & Television (Trumpet )
Jan Daniels Lessen Dans Successen
Jazz (Drummer)
London Music Festival 1939
Loterie Nationale Rock n Roll
Mam'zelle Boyscout
The Two Rogers
Mario Melfi
Met Mozart Op Wandel (Walking With Mozart)
Musik skal der til Spil Selv! (Cello)
New York City Movies and Television
Nicolas - Je n'entends Pas ce que je Bois
Other People's Money - The Famous Letter Scene
Paul & Co. Berlin (Leuthold Paul Feuerbach)
Philips- spiller på kvaliteten (Vignettes of Perfomers)
Pirates of Penzance (Beach Maids)
Private Lives
Rain   -   Colton & Randolph
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room
The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams
The Under-Pants -Carl Sternheim
Theater Kunst
Toulouse - Music Festival
Trosecnici a Bububu (Stranded with Bububu)
Van Osten and Day
Van Osten and Day
Vlieg er een uit met een boek (Dutch Book Week/Butterflies)
Yeomen of the Guard
Zoologisk Have