Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Entertainment: Cabaret, opera, performing arts, from the world famous Maurice Chevalier to unknown performers, the world of entertainment of the last 100 years; Also arts exhibits and festivals.

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47x63 to 38x58
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                  The New Yorker Magazine (NY Buildings)
      WNEW Ella Fitzgerald
      WNEW Frank Sinatra
      WNEW Louis Armstrong
      WNEW Peggy Lee
     Bal de L'AAAA (A Magic City)
Alvin Ailey City Center Dance Theater
American Museum of Natural History
Aquarium Mosans
Ballet Russe
Animaux Savage VI - Gorille & Hippopotame (Afrique)
Bob Dylan
Coco Rico
Container Corp. of America - Harlem / Apollo
Cuba, Alegre Como Su Sol
De Jordaan
Animaux Savage VII - Elephant  D'Afrique & Crocodile Alligator
Denise Benoit
Det Lille Thehus
Edith Piaf - Columbia
Epouse - La
French Season 1960
Animaux Savage XI - Panthere Noire & Orang-outang
Holland Festival
International Music Festival
Jacqueline Hopstein
Jazz Festival Zurich
Animaux Savage XII - Pingouins, Baleine Franche, Ours Blanc
La Houppa
Le Clown Amoureux
Le Monde
Leningrader Musik Festspiele 1934
Luis Marino
Animaux Savages X - Boa Constrictor, Lamas, & Jaguar (Sud Amerique)
Luna Park
Maggi Fondor (Magician)
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
Nihon Buyo
Babes in the Wood
Pepe Luiz
Perzik en Pruim
Pierre et Thibault
Qu'en Pensez Vous? What do you think?
Stoffen Wereld Premiere
Berliner Theater - Bummelstudenten
The Beatles (Standing/No Text)
The Supremes
The Trocadero Aquarium
The Village Voice: Expect the Unexpected (Magician)
Yvonne Blanc
Mother Goose
Zoo Kobenhavn
Zoologico De La Habana
Zoologico De La Habana
Nicolas Wijnberg Wenst U Een Voorspoedig
Troubadours  Eureka