Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Entertainment: Cabaret, opera, performing arts, from the world famous Maurice Chevalier to unknown performers, the world of entertainment of the last 100 years; Also arts exhibits and festivals.

Large Format <br>approximately<br>47x63
Large Format
47x63" to 38x58"
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Medium Format<br>approximately <br>36x51
Medium Format
36x51" to 22x34"
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Small Format <br>approximately <br> 20x30
Small Format
20x30" and smaller
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Oversize Format<br>approximately <br>larger than 47x63
Oversize Format
larger than 47x63"
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              Three Penny Opera
     Red Riding Hood
Hamlet - Ralph Fiennes
Hermanos Barraceta
Le Progres de Lyon
AL. G. Field Big Minstrels
Mistinguett Casino de Paris
Red Riding Hood
Six Degrees of Separation
The 4 Gems Song and Dance (The Four Gems)
The Cherry Orchard
The Forty Thieves