Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Food & Wine: We have an outstanding collection of aperitif, spirit, wine and food posters in a wide variety of prices, starting from $700 to $5000 for the larger street-sized posters (51" x 79" to 32" x 47"), and from $90 to $500 for small point-of-purchase display posters and advertising cartons. Posters for these luxury items were frequently the most dramatic images of poster design!

Large Format
Large Format
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Medium Format
Medium Format
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Small Format
Small Format
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Oversize Format
Oversize Format
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approximately larger than 47x63"
                       Cognac Monnet
     Campari (Black)
Bird's Custard Powder
Biscuits Pernot
Bonal (pink oversized)
Campari Soda (Soccer Players)
Cherry Rocher
Donaldson Fair Newport Kentucky August 12 - 17
Cognac Otard
Esposizione di Agricoltura
House of Whitebread
Kina Lillet
Mistura Lampugnani
Cointreau (Oversize)
Phoscao (Oversize)
Phoscao (Oversize/ Turn of the Century)
Quinquina Bonnet
The Pride of Summer Passing
Uniquina Aperitif Imperial Russe
Vins Clapion
Dubonnet Un Encore
Orangina (Villemot Dancers)
Pepita (3 Sheet Panel)
Symington's Coffee Essence
The Clairette de Die (Oversized Horizontal Panel)
Vins de la Craffe