Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Food & Wine: We have an outstanding collection of aperitif, spirit, wine and food posters in a wide variety of prices, starting from $700 to $5000 for the larger street-sized posters (51" x 79" to 32" x 47"), and from $90 to $500 for small point-of-purchase display posters and advertising cartons. Posters for these luxury items were frequently the most dramatic images of poster design!

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approximately 47x63" to 38x58"
                                                      Amer Picon
                                             Triple-Sec Cointreau
                                     Campari Soda Legs
                      Dubonnet (Danish)
                  Champagne Joseph Perrier
   Philips Fridge Horizontal (Black)
               Cinzano (Bottle)
           Liqueur Combier
       Bonbel (Cheese, Bread and Wine)
       Pere Pinard & Marcellus (Les Vins que L'on Aime le Plus)
       Saint Dizier (Cookware)
 La Grande Marque de France La Vache Qui Rit
      Spa Citron
     Liqueurs Severy Hassett
    Campari Bitter Campari (Sputnik)
7Up - Hear No Cola, See No Cola, Drink UnCola
  Lejay-Lagoute Cassis
  Pernod Fils
 Caramel Mou a la Creme <br>Klaus
7Up Wet UN Wild Yellow Submarine
 Grandes Caves (Grand Cave)
Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Edition
Agua De Vilajuiga
Armagnac Larressingle
Biscotines Unions
Cognac d'Or
Bonal (Yellow)
Bonal - Dolly Davis
Bonbel Vache Qui Rit (Hands)
Bornibus Mustard
Cachou Lajaunie
Chambery Type
Cognac Jacquet
Cognac Pellisson (Large 47 x 63 inches)
Cognac Rouyer (47x63)
Dubonnet - Lui Toujours
Cointreau (Red and Black)
Foire-Exposition Strasbourg
Gallia - Oeufs
Guinness - Evening Guinness (News Paper)
Guinness - Goodness Guinness
Guinness <br> Go Into a Pub Have a Guinness
Guinness <br>After Work Have a Guinness on the Way Back
Guinness at Home (Can Man)
Get (Man)
Joseph Milliat Pasta
Kina Lillet
La Burgeatine
Get (Peppermint Get, Bottles and Tree)
Lazzaroni Biscotti
Le Souverain
Les Vins de L'Echanson
Liebig Woman
LuLu Biscuits
Guinness - 5 Million Daily
Maurin Quina
Maurin Quina (Green Devil)
IZA Aperitif a la Gentiane
Olio Radino
Quin Quina Dubonnet
Quina Jouvent
Relsky (47x63 Larger format)
Ketchup - Louit
Source Parot
St. Raphael
Taittinger (Hands)
Vegataline - Palm Trees
L'Alsacienne Biscuits en Paquets
Vegetaline (Yellow)
Vichy (Demandez Votre Quart Vichy)
Vin Camp Romain
L'Oie d'Or
Philips Fridge (Blue)
Vins Karafon