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General Dynamics, Industry<br/> & Exhibitions
General Dynamics, Industry
& Exhibitions
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Travel and Transportation
Travel and Transportation
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The General Dynamics posters are a great modernist series printed during the 1950's by the company to help improve their identity in the eyes of the public. The artist, Erik Nitsche, was a major innovator in design at the time. He created the first of the GD series for the 'International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy' in Geneva, 1955... Hence the moto: Atoms for Peace, printed in several different languages. Nitsche then continued to create posters for the company, focusing on their role in science and technology, until 1960, where they were also used as the centerpieces for other trade shows and conferences. They range in price from $1250 to $3800.
General Dynamics - Aerodynamics
General Dynamics - Basic Forces
General Dynamics - Building Materials
General Dynamics - Canadair
General Dynamics - Electrodynamics
General Dynamics - Electronic Intelligence
General Dynamics - Energetic Earth
General Dynamics - General Atomic <br>Triga
General Dynamics - Hydrodynamics (USS - Nautilus)
General Dynamics - Industrial Gases
General Dynamics - Medical Gases (Liquid Carbonic)
General Dynamics - Nuclear Fusion (L'atome au servic de la paix)
General Dynamics - Nucleodynamics
General Dynamics - Pyramid
General Dynamics - Radiation Dynamics
General Dynamics - Servodynamics
General Dynamics - Solardynamics
General Dynamics - Subatomic Worlds
General Dynamics - Undersea Frontiers Electric Boat
General Dynamics - Weather Control
General Dynamics - Wind Tunnel (First Step Into Space)
General Dynamics - Worlds Without End
General Dynamics Astrodynamics Orbits
General Dynamics Convair Globe with Stripes
General Dynamics World Globe Flags
General Dynamics- The Energetic Sea- Exploring the Universe

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                                               La Monnaie de Paris (Small/ Black)
                                          Festival International D'archtecture et D'art Monumental
                      Emprunt Francaise des Petroles (47x63)
                   Indonesia Bali, Island of a Thousand Colours
        Emprunt Acier (Yellow Car 47x63)
Emprunt Acier - Key (Smaller Format)
      32e concours Lepine, Le Salon des Inventions
   Imprimeries Reunies s.a. Lausanne (20x30)
   Moderne Kunst aus USA
   Studio CL. Desmules
Amerika Bygger
La Vasselais Sample Sheet
Berliet Service Attentif
Container Corp. of America - Broadway
Container Corporation of America - Wall Street
Das Fertighaus
Das Fertighaus (Prefab House)
Ecole Francaise de Radio Electricite
Electricity of France - Parts de Production (Emprunt)
Emprunt Acier
Emprunt Acier (Abstract Column)
Emprunt Acier (Rig 32x47)
Emprunt Acier (Rig 47x63)
Emprunt Acier (Rooster/Black)
Emprunt Acier (Yellow Car 23x31)
Emprunt Francaise des Petroles (20x30)
Emprunt National d'Equipement
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
La Pile LeClanche
Le Corbusier Le Passe A Reaction Poetique
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
RAI Tentoonstelling Personenautomobielen
Salon International de l'Auto
Steen Voor Steen Omhoog
Use Extra Care This Winter

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National Academy of Sciences and others
National Academy of Sciences EARTH
National Academy of Sciences SPACE
National Academy of Sciences Sun & Earth
National Academy of Sciences The Poles
National Academy of Sciences Weather & Climate