Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Horizontal Posters: Historically, most posters were printed in the vertical format to fit in limited public spaces like rounded kiosks. However, we have put together an nice selection of original vintage posters that were printed in the landscape/horizontal format. Though these dimensions may be ideal for your space, you may also want to consider pairing two smaller vertical posters to broaden your possibilities!

Horizontal 63x47
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Horizontal 30x20
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           Australia Map
       Kraft Caramel Apples
      St. Margaret's Church Westminster
     Folger's Coffee Lifetime Choices
   Amerika schildert
   KLM Douglas DC-3
   Oleagineux La France Manque d'Huile
 Alaska  Line Map
 Henry Heide's Marzipan
 RAP kies uw RAP uit 3 modellen
7UP Tortoise and Hare
Adar a découvert la beauté permanente
Air France Route Map (Blue Green SMALL 1/4 sheet)
Air France Route Map (Brown/Smaller)
Air France Route Map (Red Small)
Air France Route Map Constellation (Blue SMALL)
Aladdin Grand Opera House
American Airlines - Fly American - Over the Weather to Europe
American Die Cut - Flying Ice Cream Saucers
American Die Cut - Strawberry Ice Cream Cones
Architectural Rendering - Classic Concept
Architectural Rendering - Colossal Idea
Architectural Rendering - Monumental Option
Architectural Rendering - School of Thought
Architectural Renderings - Attention to Detail
Bendix (Girl, Refrigerator, Mitten)
Brusson Jeune - Vermicelle
Cat's Playing Panel Print (No Text)
Celestial Orbits
Contre La Grippe un Vin Chaud
Daily Express Miniature Garden
David Gilles Fishing Nets
Dressage Club - Molenbeekois
Dubonnet - Lui / Elle Toujours
Empire Marketing Board- A Sudan Cotton Field
Empire Marketing Board- Sisal in East Africa
Exposicion International - Barcelona
Favor Cycles/Motos (Horizontal/SMALL)
Fragrance in Woodland Shade and Sunny Lanes (London Transport)
French Skiers/ Snow Scene (Decorative/No Text)
Grande Epicurie du Centre
Greyhound Lines (US Map)
Guinness is Good for You (Horizontal Panel)
Harper's November
Hootenanny Hoot
Ideal de Beaute Palmolive (Ideal Beauty)
Ivory Soap Maquette
Kronenbourg Beer
La Casa
La Piscine (The Swimming Pool)
Larousse Santas
Le Nil - Rolling Papers (CARTON)
Le Nil Cut-Out Carton
Les Vendanges Grape Harvest French Illustration (Horizontal)
Long Island Oysters
Loterie Nationale - Estampes
Maggi - Soupe de Poisson
Map of Long Island
Mather Series: A Total Loss
Mather Series: Brains
Mather Series: Builders Wanted
Mather Series: Groundlings Never Soar
Mather Series: Happy New Year!
Mather Series: Here Comes Old Man Late
Mather Series: Higher Every Minute
Mather Series: Ice Ahead!
Mather Series: It Pays
Mather Series: Landmarks On the Trail
Mather Series: Link Sink Ships
Mather Series: Lost 5 Minutes
Mather Series: Memo
Mather Series: Merry Christmas
Mather Series: Never Mind the Bumps
Mather Series: Our Nations Birthday
Mather Series: Round Up Your Thoughts
Mather Series: Seeking the Better Route
Mather Series: Ship Shape
Mather Series: Tangle Footed
Mather Series: Thanksgiving Day
Mather Series: Who Appreciates Neat Work
Mather Series: Why Pay Toll
Mather Series: Wild Goose Chase
Mather Series: Your Best Customer
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 01 - Advertising Men
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 02 - Housewives
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 03 - Hunger on Wheels
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 04 - New York is Big
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 05 - Color Tells It - Sells It
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 07 - You Can't Hear Red
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 09 - A Secret
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 10 - 23 Minutes With Your Customer
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 11 - 23 Minute Trip-tease
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 12 - From Car to Counter
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 13 - Subway Car Cards
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 14 - Repitition Means Remembrance
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 15 - Tough
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 16 - Color Sells It
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 17 - To Tell the Truth Color is Better
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 18 - Zodo
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 19 - She's Going For A Ride...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 20 - Homeward Bound and Hungry As...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 21 - No Hiding Place Down There
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 24 - Enough Time To Tell It... 23 Minutes
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 25 - More People More Sales
Moderne Reklame Tryksager Andreasen & Lachmann
Neckar - Fagst 770
Nicolas (Small Horizontal)
Nicolas (Wine Catalog Insert)
Orange Fruit
Oranges from Brazil - Juicier Still!
Pates Alimentaires
Pepsi Cola Bigger Better (Fish)
Pernod Fils 45
Pils 58
Plaisir de Boire Ne Dure Qu'un Moment
Reseau Aerien Francais
Schneider Radio & Television (Trumpet )
The Two Rogers
Trouville - La Reine des Plages
TWA - Phoenix
Union Pacific Railroad California San Gabriel Mountains
Union Pacific Railroad Mount Hood Oregon
Vacation Discovery
Vin Rose du Postillon
Vins Du Val De Loire
Weref Tee
Wrangoo - Austral Red Wine - Gilbey's
YWCA The Girl on the Land