Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Horizontal Posters: Historically, most posters were printed in the vertical format to fit in limited public spaces like rounded kiosks. However, we have put together an nice selection of original vintage posters that were printed in the landscape/horizontal format. Though these dimensions may be ideal for your space, you may also want to consider pairing two smaller vertical posters to broaden your possibilities!

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Approximately 36"x51" to 22x34"
                                                                    Troubadours Eureka
                                              Imperial Airways Flying Boat
                                           On the Job for Victory
                                       Teamwork Builds Ships United States Shipping Board
                                       Vers Le Mont Blanc Tryptic
                                      Monnaie De Paris (White Abstract)
                                      Rainier National Park Northern Pacific
                                    Pola Venezia Giulia
                                   Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (Auto Ahoy!)
                                 Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (with Caravan)
                             Air France Fifty Anniversary 1933 to 1983 Concorde
                       Engrais Rationnels
                  Canadian Pacific
         Olma St. Gallen  Cow
        V Festival Mondial de La Jeunesse et des Etudiants Varsovie 1955
       The MGA 1600 Mark II
       The New Riley 4 sixty eight
     Gron Tuborg (Grøn Tuborg/ Tuborg Green)
     Peugeot Velomoteurs et Motocylettes
    Bananas Calorie Low... Vitality High!
    Big Game Fish Map
    Quelques Voyages Récents de Batiments de Guerre
   Geveor Notre Vin... Notre Force
  Nice - O'Connor Giraudy's Hotel
 Hawaiian Islands (Dole Map)
 Lincoln - LNER
7UP Un and Un is Too
Air France Brown Route Map (Larger)
Air France Route Map (Blue Green Larger)
Air France Route Map (Red Larger)
Air France Route Map Yellow
Air France Route Map Yellow Red Blue (With Insert)
Animaux Savage VI - Gorille & Hippopotame (Afrique)
Animaux Savage VII - Elephant  D'Afrique & Crocodile Alligator
Animaux Savage XI - Panthere Noire & Orang-outang
Animaux Savage XII - Pingouins, Baleine Franche, Ours Blanc
Animaux Savages X - Boa Constrictor, Lamas, & Jaguar (Sud Amerique)
Antilles - Paquebot - Cut-away
AOA - American Overseas
Babes in the Wood
Banque Nationale de Credit Emprunt Nationale
Berliner Theater - Bummelstudenten
British Empire Exhibition (Australia Cattle Station)
British Empire Exhibition (Ireland Seaweed Gatherers)
British Empire Exhibition (Newfoundland)
British Empire Exhibition (West Indies)
British Empire Exhibition - (Sudan)
British Empire Exhibition 1924 - (Gold Coast King of Ashantis))
Carnevale a Venezia
Catros Gerand Graines de Semence Grande Selection (Seeds)
Cinzano (Geometric Squares)
Cinzano (Geometric Waves)
Container Corp. of America - Empire City
CycloTouriste Eriol
Dole Hawaii Map
Dubonnet Paris Map
Exposition Nationale 1898 - Chatearoux
Ferrania (Light Blue Panel)
Ferrania (Yellow Panel)
Ferrania (Yellow to Red Panel)
Ferrania Film (Abstract Space Age)
Float with Coke
French Workers Warn... You Defeat Means Salvery...
Fruit Fiesta Time White Satin Sugar
Gaufre Mirella
Grammont Face (40 x 30)
Il Ghetto di Venezia
Je Suis Charlie
KLM Route Map Serving 68 Countries on 6 Continents
L'Emprunt de La Liberation
La Vasselais Sample Sheet
Manchester's New Station
Map of Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk
Mather Motivational Poster: Costs
Mather Motivational Poster: Is It Mine?
Mather Motivational Poster: Listen to That Cough
Mather Work Incentive Can You Keep Your Eye On the Ball
Montebello Champagne
Mother Goose
Mother's Bread
New York Harbor Fireworks (No Text)
New York Times, You Get More (Dog)
New York, New York
Pan Am - South America (Rio)
Paris Map
Perth The Fair City
Produits des Rosati
Punch - Topical, Critical, Witty and Wise
Ricard (Horizontal)
Riding in the Park Horse Panel
Roma Amor
Shell - Gordale Scar The Craven Fault, Yorks
Shell - Summer
Shell Oil - Plas Newydd, LLangollen
Shell Oil - Sham Ruins Virginia Water
Shelter Scene
Southern Pacific's Pacific Streamlined Daylights
Ste. Gle. De Transports Martimes a Vapeur
Tangerines from Florida
The Industrial North
US Kedettes <br> Keds Tennis Shoe
US Kiddie Keds
Wildlife in Australia
Yellow Suitcase
Yellowstone Park by Northern Pacific