Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Horizontal Posters: Historically, most posters were printed in the vertical format to fit in limited public spaces like rounded kiosks. However, we have put together an nice selection of original vintage posters that were printed in the landscape/horizontal format. Though these dimensions may be ideal for your space, you may also want to consider pairing two smaller vertical posters to broaden your possibilities!

Horizontal 63x47
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Horizontal 51x36
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Horizontal 30x20
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Horizontal 63x47
                          Gleneagles Golf Course (The Heich O'Fash on the Kings)
                         Gleneagles Golf Course (The Howe O'Hope on the Kings)
               La Francaise Diamant Les Champions de France
            L'Oie d'Or
            Menthe Pastille  Au Tribunal de la Haye
           Favor Cycles/Motos (Horizontal/LARGE)
           Philips (Class Room)
          Philips Soccer
         Philips - Yellow Screamer
        Loch Lomond LMS LNER
      Perrin Electronique
     7Up Wet UN Wild Submarine
    Philips /Lampes Philips (Hand)
   New York Times, You Get More (Chickens)
   Philips Fridge Horizontal (Black)
  Martini (Horizontal)
  Philips Transistor Radio (Photographic)
  Reynolds (Pens)
01 Philips TV
01 Sarco
7Up - Hear No Cola, See No Cola, Drink UnCola
AL. G. Field Big Minstrels
Ameublement - Horizontal
Brasserie de Vezelise
Campari Soda (Soccer Players)
Camping (Lounging)
Cognac d'Or
Cointreau (Oversize)
Dubonnet - Lui
Dubonnet Un Encore
Exhibition/Art Directors Club
Gaytees Stormy Weather Shoes
Get (Man)
Grammont - Finesse et Beaute
Guinness - 5 Million Daily
IZA Aperitif a la Gentiane
Ketchup - Louit
Laden Automatique
Le Nil (63 x 47)
Le Royal Hotel
New York City Movies and Television
NYC Harbor Festival - The Liners are Coming
NYC Harbor Festival 1978 - Oh, The Joy of it All!
Pathe Marconi (Red)
Pathe Marconi (Squares) La Vox de son Maitre
Pepita (3 Sheet Panel)
Pet Evaporated Milk Saves Butter in Your Cooking
Philips (Flags)
Philips Fridge (Blue)
Philips Red Dress
Philips Washing Machine (Blue Stripes)
Salem - Ohne!
Schneider (Flowers/Purple)
Schneider Radio Television (Recliner Horizontal)
Schneider TV (Yellow Horizontal)
Svelte St.Etienne Bicycles
Symington's Coffee Essence
The 3 Gems - Song and Dance
Vins de la Craffe
Vins Karafon