Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
(Scroll Down Please)
                                     TWA New York (Times Square /Up Up and Away)
                                  Dubonnet (Danish)
                                 Qantas Australia (Beach Couple)
                               Air France- Amerique Du Nord
                             Det Danske Forlag
                               Paul Court Grand Vins De Bourgogne (France/Dijon)
                              London Transport Kew Gardens
                              TWA Las Vegas (Larger Version)
                             TWA Africa (Zebras)
                             Visit Ribe in Denmark The Town of Storks
                       Orangina (Villemot Dancers)
                          Efficiency Tentoonstelling Amsterdam
                         Besog Dragor
                         TWA San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
                        Bertozzi Cheese
                        London Transport for All Occasions (Wedding/Cats)
              Philips Blushing TV Couple
                        Travel by the East Asiatic Co.
                       Hungarian Pencils
                      Air France - Antilles-Amerique Centrale
                     Liberation La Fayette Nous Voila
                   DSB Chemin De Fer L'Etat Danois
           Favor Cycles/Motos (Horizontal/LARGE)
                  Champagne Joseph Perrier
                  The New Yorker Magazine (NY Buildings)
                  Visitez La Cote D'Azur
                Hungarian Pencils - Ferunion Pencils
          Sunkist Lemons (Bring out the Flavor/Lemon Pie)
               Ceylon - Her Tea & Other Industries
              Italien Wine
             Cognac Monnet
            Continental Edison
            Veuve Amiot - Le Joyeux vin de vos Fetes
          Vespa (Horizontal)
          Lahco (Waterskier)
          Le Printemps En France - Paris
          Mather Work Incentive - Let's Clear the Air
          Mather Work Incentive Diving For Success
          Mather Work Incentive Have You a Good Idea?
     Free South Africa
          Mather Work Incentive The Teamworker! (Bee)
          Royal Danish Ballet and Music
          TWA Star Stream Jet Tail
         La Nuit de Paris
         Parijs per Pullman (Paris by Pullman/Cafe Scene)
Bendix (Olympic Skier)
         TWA New York (Klein/Statue/Large Format)
        Coca Cola Pause
        Radiola (Hands)
       Dauphine Renault
Mather Motivational Poster: Costs
       Philips (Cat & Fish)
      32e concours Lépine, Le Salon des Inventions
      Au Grand Pasteur
      WNEW Ella Fitzgerald
      WNEW Frank Sinatra
Mather Motivational Poster: Is It Mine?
      WNEW Louis Armstrong
      WNEW Peggy Lee
   SLEM schoenen leder mode
  SNCF Côte Basque (Cote Basque)
Mather Motivational Poster: Listen to That Cough
 Dormid Con Las Ventanas
Air France  Grande Bretagne
Alitalia - Venice
Bezoekt de Fruittentoonstelling te Tiel
Mather Work  Incentive Poster: Can You Keep Your Eye On the Ball
Boac Uganda
Carpano/Bel Paese - Gastronomical Map of Italy (Food Map)
Championnat D'Europe
Come to Britian for Yachting
Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
Tangerines from Florida
Exposicion Internacional Barcelona 1929
Greece Aegean Island Jetty
Het Theater
Kuwait Airlines Pakistan
La Francaise Diamant Pneus Denlop Selle Brown
Wildlife in Australia
Northeast Airlines New York
Pelican Cigarettes
Qantas Canada (Mountie)
Race Kattans
Rita Biscuits
SNCF - Bretagne
SNCF - Pays Basque
St. Raphael QuinQuina Football Association (Blank Game Schedule)
The East Asiatic Company Regular Passenger and Freight Service
The Navy Put 'Em Across - The Service For Travel and Training
TWA Boston (Klein)
TWA Egypt
TWA Philadelphia
TWA USA Cowboys (Silkscreen)
Vin Camp Romain
Zoologico De La Habana
                                    Loterie Nationale (Real Estate Girl - Small)
                      Del Monte Pineapple Grapefruit (Can)
                  TWA New York (Times Square Smaller)
                 Tuborg Mumme
              Air France Israel (Tractor)
           Australia Map
              AutoRadio (Philips Auto Radio)
              Trio Raisner
           Plant a Victory Garden Our Food is Fighting
           Royal Muscat
           Theatre Hebertot La Machine a Ecrire
Adar a découvert la beauté permanente
          Champagne- Moulliac
        Dahlias - Domaine Sceaux
        Nebato ons daaglijks brood in de wereld (Bread)
        Vaincre Le Cancer
    French School Children Series - Economisons Le Pain
Air France - Route Map (White)
   Musique de Chambre Divonne Les Bains
  Bond Westland Tentoonstelling
  TWA Las Vegas (Smaller Version)
 Nuit du Rotary
50 Annees d'Imprimerie & De Publicite
Artistes Decorateurs - 41st Salon
Audrey Hepburn Fashion Print
Australia (Flag)
Bendix (Girl, Refrigerator, Mitten)
French School Children Series - Le Gaz
French School Children Series - Ne Pas Gaspiller La Pain
French School Children Series - Wine
La Danse Concerts Du Dimanche
Loterie Nationale - Parfums
Loterie Nationale Grand Prix (Polka Dot Shirt)
Train to be a Nurse (With Tray)
TWA Rome (Guard/Klein/Smaller Version)
Vin de Suresnes