Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
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                                                               Brandt Giraffe
                                                        Les Couronnes
                                                       Four Freedoms: Freedom from Want
                                                    Le Daure est sur Toutes les Tables
                                           Paris Soir (Cyclists)
                                            Sochaux Beer
                                          Zwicky (White/ Larger)
                                         Vins de Cotes de Provence
                                        Paris (Cassandre)
                                    Efficiency Tentoonstelling Amsterdam
                                   Combier - Elixer Combier
                             Air France Fifty Anniversary 1933 to 1983 Concorde
                                   Le Monde Illustre Miroir du Monde
                                  Mont St. Michel
                                 Berlin Kurfurstendamm
                             Fiestas de San Isidro Madrid 1973
                       Exposition Universelle Bruxelles 1910 (Brussels)
     Peugeot Velomoteurs et Motocylettes
                  La Monnaie de Paris
                  New York Is About New York
                  Relsky (Smaller 32x47 format)
                  Wiesbaden Health Beauty
                 Chateau D'Azay Le Rideau
             Bally Ball Kick
             RHB Rhatische Bahn (Flowers)
            Un Blanchet Amer
       Amboise Chemin De Fer D'Orleans
     Bains de Mer de La Manche (Saint Malo vu de Dinard)
Air France Route Map (Red Larger)
 Favor (Girl)
Air France - Paris (The World's Largest Airline) TURBO-PROP 1949
Air France Fly Through the Caribbean
America del Nord KLM (Elevated NJ-NY Highway)
Arts Menagers (Couple in House/ Purple & White) 47x63
Grammont (40 x 30)
Bonbel (Cheese, Bread and Wine)
Campari Soda (Bottles and Glass)
Carpano/Bel Paese - Gastronomical Map of Italy (Food Map)
Chateau de Blois
Je Suis Charlie
Chateau of Saumur Motor Car Tour
ERP Marshall Plan (Chef)
Excursions en Poitou
French Seaside Resorts
Habiter C'est Vivre
Postillon  Clairet   Le Vin leger
La Bretagne Pittoresque (Etat)
La Bretagne Pittoresque (Fishing Boats)
La Mare de Cricqueboeuf Normandie (White  Variant)
La Remington Silencieuse
Postillon C'est Le vin de Paris
Montecatini Italy
New Jersey Seashore Pennsylvania Railroad
Shell - Gordale Scar The Craven Fault, Yorks
New York Par La 'Transat'
Olympic Park The Place For Fun (Vertical)
Paris Montmartre
Philippine Airlines by DC-6
Saint Cere Du Haut Quercy
Vichy Saint Yorre
TWA Chicago (Austin Briggs)
TWA Italy (Fly TWA)
US Virgin Islands Via Caribair
Vallon Lot Haut Quercy
Veuve Amiot -
Veuve Amiot Joyeux
Willi's Wine Bar 1985
Willi's Wine Bar 1986
Zenith Lux Beer
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                                            Character Culture Citizenship Guides We Thank Thee
                                 Babar a 50 ans!
                                 Reading is Fun, Book Week Nov. 15-21
                      Patisserie - Des Gateaux! Des Gateaux!
Aeronautique Espace 1977
                                                            Mather Series: Thanksgiving Day
Air France Europe (Colorful Vignettes) 1/4 Sheet
Air France Extreme Orient 1/4 Sheet (Bird)
BOAC Tel Aviv
Fly to the Orient BOAC
Foire de Paris Exposition Des Nations Etrangeres
                                           Primior D'abord Wine
Folies Bergers
Harlem Globetrotters Palais de Sports Versailles
Heureux Loterie Nationale
Jello Kangaroo
                          American Die Cut - Strawberry Ice Cream Cones
Jello Peacock
Jello Seal
Ligue Maritime et Coloniale Francaise
Loterie Nationale Aviation
Moulin Rouge - Formidable!
Air France - Route Map (White) 1/4 Sheet
Oosthoek's Encyclopaedie
Other People's Money - The Famous Letter Scene
Perrier (Sun & Moon)
Qantas Europe 1/4 Sheet
Saumur Champigny Harmonie
Billecart Champagne
Surinam An Explorers Paradise (Suriname)
Visit Hong Kong BOAC
Dressage Club - Molenbeekois
Dubonnet (Abstract)
Favor Cycle & Motos (Stripes)
Gardez Votre Ville Propre