Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
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                                                               Summer is Fun Travel by Greyhound
                                                          Teinture Ideale
                                                Monaco (Cocteau)
                                                Paris Le Printemps En France
                            Pepita (3 Sheet Panel Tryptic)
                                 PanAm Fly to Nassau by Clipper
                                Canadian National Railways See Canada Apply Within
                                Canadian National Railways- It's Mine! The Right Land for the Right Man
                            Time for Travel
         Furness Cruises to Bermuda and the West Indies
                            Winter in Italien (Winter in Italy)
                    Bic (Scribbles and Vertical Pen)
                    See India Benares (Shep)
                   SNCF - Provence (Jal)
                  United New York (Carriage Ride/Galli)
         Olma St. Gallen  Cow
                Visit India Benares -Indian State Railways
               Allahabad- Indian State Railways
               Visit India Budh Gaya- Indian State Railways
               Visit India The Taj Mahal
               Visit India Udaipur -Indian State Railway
   Picon Chaud Contre Le Froid (Snowmen)
              Visit India Howrah Bridge Calcutta  - Indian State Railways
             Philadelphia Wishes You Were Here! Pennsylvania Railroad
            Visit India Ellora-Indian State Railways
           Paul Court Grand Vins De Bourgogne (France/Dijon)
          Holland Besucht Holland im Fruhling
Dubonnet - Lui Toujours
          Impereabili Moretti
          Savonike Soap
         Bermuda (Child on the Beach)
         Persil (Sailing)
        SNCF Paris Cafe de La Paix (Larger Size)
Florida Year 'Round Land of Good Living
    Paris (Cassandre)
   TWA Las Vegas (Larger Version)
 Aubel and Fils (Goutez les...)
 Italy Winter In Italy
Air Afrique (Gazelle/ Villemot)
L'Oie d'Or
Air France - Paris (The World's Largest Airline) TURBO-PROP/1950's
Arts Menagers (Black Background/ Yellow Wind-up Helper) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Couple in House/ Purple & White) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Happy House and Rose) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Many Arms) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Pale Blue) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Pink, Red, with Rose) 32x47
Arts Menagers (Red) 47x63
Arts Menagers (Robot with Heart/ 25x40)
Arts Menagers (Yellow/ 47x63)
Bally Blonde (Large Format)
Bermuda (Beach)
Bermuda -Fly Pan Am  (Sailboats)
Bicycle Print (No Text)
Carpano/Bel Paese - Gastronomical Map of Italy (Food Map)
Credit National Emprunt
Dog-O-San (German Shepard)
ERP Marshall Plan (Chef)
ERP/Marshall Plan (Hands)
ERP/Marshall Plan (Peace Dove)
Floralies International Paris
Floralies Internationales Exposition d'Automne  (Dahlia/ Large)
Floralies Internationales Exposition d'Ete LARGE (Rose)
Fly to Bermuda by Clipper- Pan Am (Carriage Ride)
Kunstsalon Wolfsberg
Langeais Chemin De Fer De Paris a Orleans
Lloyd Triestino The Highways to the Near East Egypt and Bombay
Odessa USSR
Openlucht Theater (Outdoor Theater) Zandvoort
Pan Am Bermuda (Beach and Map Outline)
Pan Am Bermuda (Lily & Mermaid)
Prestatyn The Rose Garden of Wales London Midway and Scottish Railway
Rio Varig Airlines (Beach Scene)
Salon International de L'Architecture
Serge Lifar
SNCF - Alsace
SNCF - Pays Basque
Une Nuit En Voiture-Lit (SNCF)
United San Francisco (Trolley/ Font Variant)
Vers La France Paris Opera
Western Airlines New York
                                                  Int. Paastournooi Hockey Bloemendaal
                                                Tulipes de Bagatelle (Bezombes)
                  Haarlemse architecten exposeren
              AutoRadio (Philips Auto Radio)
 Kvindelejr Femo 1975
Air France - Route Map (White) 1/4 Sheet
Aerovias Guest, S.A. La Route de Soleil 1/4 Sheet
Air France Europe (Colorful Vignettes) 1/4 Sheet
Air France Extreme Orient 1/4 Sheet (Bird)
Air France Paris  Mexico  1/4 Sheet
Artistes Decorateurs - 41st Salon
Guinness, Down With Guinness You'll Feel Better (Horizontal Panel)
Atlas General LaRousse
Azalees Porte D'Auteuil 1965
Castar Mena (Meynckens & Nackaerts)
De St. Pierre D'Argecon Eau de Table
Ideal de Beaute Palmolive (Ideal Beauty)
Exposition d'Automne de L'Establissement Horticole
Fill It!
French School Children Series Economisons Le Pain
French School Children Series Le Gaz
French School Children Series Wine (Reservez Le Vin)
International (Women's) Festival I Faeledparken
Kom til Femo
Liberator Cycles and Automobiles (Name Day Calendar)
Loterie Nationale - Parfums
Loterie Nationale Croisieres (Cruises)
Morlant Champagne (Woman)
Oosthoek's Encyclopaedie
Outing The Vacation Magazine
Salon Artistes Decorateurs 36th
Surinam An Explorers Paradise (Suriname)
The Yeomen of the Guard or The Merryman and His Maid
Trianon de Bagatelle Maire de Paris Direction de Parcs, Jardins et Espaces Verts
Vin de Suresnes