Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
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                                              Pas de Bon Cafe SANS Composition des Moines
                                             Tobler (Masqueraders)
                                            Exposition Internationale Milan 1906 (GOLD Variant)
                                       Paris (Cassandre)
                       Air France Route Map (Red)
                                       Vers Le Mont Blanc Day
                                       Vers Le Mont Blanc Dusk
                                       Vers Le Mont Blanc Night                                                 Vers Le Mont Blanc Night
                                       Vers Le Mont Blanc Tryptic
                                    Champagne Vve. A. Devaux
                       Chamonix Mont Blanc Cachat's-Majestic (Summer Scene)
                                   Victoria Falls
                                  Philadelphia Wishes You Were Here! Pennsylvania Railroad
                                 Paul Court Grand Vins De Bourgogne (France/Dijon)
                                Buffets Gastronomiques SNCF
                   A. Volpi & C.
                       Amer Picon
                       Ravenna Italia
                      Bossard Bonnel Lotti Clown
                      St. Circq La Popie Vallee du Lot (Chemin De Fer D'Orleans)
                    Paris  SNCF  (Moody Grey)
              Lock Tay The Loch of Loveliness
                   DSB Chemin De Fer L'Etat Danois
                  Lac Chambon Auvergne (Chemin De Fer D'Orleans)
                  Le Printemps En France - Paris
              Floralies International Paris
              Italien Wine
            Air France - Constellation Map (Blue)
            Veuve Amiot - Le Joyeux vin de vos Fetes
         Persil (Sailing)
        SNCF Paris Cafe de La Paix (Larger Size)
      Spa Citron
    Jubileum Ko v. Dijk. Als De Jonge Wijn Bloeit
           Oban The Charing Cross of the Highlands
   Pan Am - Grace Airlines Fly Round South America
 Cadiz 1964 Fiestas Tipicas Gaditanas
 Dauphine Chemin de Fer PLM
Ahoi! Soeben Frisch Gelandet
Air France - Paris (The World's Largest Airline) TURBO-PROP/1950's
Bendix (Olympic Skier)
Berliet Service Attentif
Bouille Barousse CALXO Vitcole (Eagle)
Buitenlande Industriele Vorm
Carpano/Bel Paese - Gastronomical Map of Italy (Food Map)
Citron Salomon
Chemin du Fer Du Nord Lille
Dog-O-San (Boxer)
Dog-O-San (German Shepard)
Dog-O-San (Mutt or Jack Russell)
Dog-O-San (Terrier)
ERP Marshall Plan (Chef)
ERP/Marshall Plan (Hands)
ERP/Marshall Plan (Peace Dove)
Go Greyhound Pacific Northwest (large format)
Go Greyhound Philadelphia (large format)
L'Alsacienne Biscuits en Paquets
Go Greyhound Washington DC White House (30in x 40in)
Hershey's Cocoa You'll Need Its Friendly Cheer
Kalundborg Danmark (Denmark)
La Pile LeClanche
Le Haut Barr
Philips La Musique en Relief (Music Notes & Radios)
Les Peintures Valor Vinyle
Maggio Musical May
Mather Work Incentive Diving For Success
Mont Blanc France (an equipment unique in the world)
Monte San Salvatore Lugano
Normandie & Bretagne Chemin De Fer De L'Etat
Odense Denmark Hans Christian Andersen
Pelican Beer
Pop Sex A Nu
Primer Festival del Libro de America (First Festival of the Book of America) Caracas
Qantas Hawaii
Relsky (32x47 Smaller)
Sabena Belgium A Bouquet of Beauty and Charm
Salon de Humoristes
SNCF - Alsace
SNCF - Pays Basque
SNCF - Provence (Jal)
Southern Pacific's Pacific Streamlined Daylights
Valencay Les Chateaux de La Loire
Venise (Venice) Chemin De Fer
Vin Camp Romain
Visitez L'Espagne Tenerife Les Iles Fortunees
Winter In Italy
                                          Festival International D'archtecture et D'art Monumental
                                        Sauvion's Brandy
                                      Nescao Nestle
                        Perrier (Bottle and Window Blinds)
                  Haarlemse architecten exposeren
Air France - Route Map (Blue Green SMALL)
              AutoRadio (Philips Auto Radio)
            Le Soleil Veritable Roquefort
         Maicon Transport Aeriens Nice Monte Carlo
      Go Greyhound Chicago (11in x 14in)
     Go Greyhound New England Lobster (small format)
Contre La Grippe un Vin Chaud
     Go Greyhound New Orleans (11in x 14in)
     Go Greyhound New York Central Park (11in x 14in)
     Go Greyhound Philadelphia (small format)
     Go Greyhound Washington DC Whitehouse (11in x14in)
    French School Children Series - Economisons Le Pain
French Skiers/ Snow Scene (Decorative/No Text)
   Del Monte Fruit Cocktail (Can)
   Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes (Can)
   Del Monte Sweet Peas (Can)
7me Salon Des Oiseaux Cannes
7up The Fresh Up Family Drink
Kronenbourg Beer
Air France Baleares 1/4 Sheet
Air France Canada 1/4 Sheet
Air France Corse 1/4 Sheet (Corsica)
Artistes Decorateurs - 41st Salon
Bally (Neon Trails/ Men's Shoe)
Larousse Santas
Bally (Neon Trails/Woman's Shoe)
Bally (Pink & Red Lady)
Buchanan's Black and White Scotch Whisky (English Pointer)
Caloria (Stove)
Le Corbusier Tapisseries Recentes
Careless Talk May Cost His Life
Cuisinez Bon La Plaque Automatic Scholtes
De Molen
Fill It!
Florida Grapefruit
Pernod Fils 45
Florida Grapefruit Nature's Bracer Fruit
Foire De Paris (EYE)
France (Cartoon Skiers)
French School Children Series - Le Gaz
French School Children Series - Wine
Plaisir de Boire Ne Dure Qu'un Moment
Igol Antigel
La Rumeur
Laiteries Guyon
Le Poisson Volants
Lippincott's December (Woman in Green)
Loterie Nationale - Parfums
Loterie Nationale Loterie Nationale Les Tirages Extraordianeires Jules Vern (Island)
Panzani Pates Sauce (Woman)
Pils 58
Robert et Sonia Delaunay, Musee de Lyon
San Rival (Sexy Gardener)
Savignac Wine (Yellow/No text)
Suggestions at the Holiday Table
Vin de Suresnes