Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
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                                         IBM (Eye Bee M/ Rebus)
                               South America by Royal Mail
                              Apfelsaft Apples
                              Frigor Chocolate
   Philips - Tete Diamant
                      Air France   Amerique Du Nord
                     American Airlines New York
                  Pril (Dishes)
                 Nouveautes du Printemps
  QuinQuina Dubonnet (Horizontal)
                QuinQuina Dubonnet
         Hamol Ultra
         Mon Savon au Lait
        Bemberg Motorcycles
Air France Israel (Flag)
BB Griffon Motorscooters
Air France Paris New York (Cafe)
Air France Proche Orient
Bally (line figure)
Festival Mozart
Floralies (Paris 1964/Villemot/Large Size)
Gitanes (Tropical)
Hoehl Kaiser Blume Champagne
La Mer (mermaid)
La Yetta
Citroen DS
Milano - Duomo Cathedral
Night Club Hazyland
PaperMate (Love letter)
SNCF Plages du Morbihan
South Africa (Giraffe )
Holyfield Tyson Boxing
Tokalon Fish
Ignorance = Fear   :  Fight Aids,  Act Up
Philips Cuisinieres Kids
Philips Radios - Blue Hand
Rolling Stones Tattoo You Keith Richards
Rolling Stones Tattoo You Mick Jagger
The Beatles - Dell Magazine Poster Insert (NoText)

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                                  Sels de Fruits Chatelain
                        Fromageries Ch. Dayot
                  Ecole de Paris 1958
                  Melon Hats Paris
Air France - Route Map (White) 1/4 Sheet
               Pause Cafe
 Buy A Share in America US Defense Bonds (Small)
De La Bande Dessinee (Barbarella)
Grand Prix De Paris Loterie National (Blindfolded Woman on a Horse)
La Molina
Arandora Star
Laqueofibrine Basin
Loterie Nationale (Waiter)
Loterie Nationale Jonas and the Whale
Menton Sixieme Biennale De Peinture
Royal Muscat
Exposicion Internacional Barcelona (Brownish Orange)
St Valentin
TWA New York Times Square (Small)
Exposicion Internacional Barcelona (Orange)
Exposicion International Barcelona (Brown)