Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
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                                                                     Be Sociable Have a Pepsi (Derby Party)
                                                         Champagne Vve. A. Devaux
                                                  TWA Africa
                                              Australia The Great Barrier Reef
                               Le Poisson
                                            Cognac Monnet
                                        Venezia (ENIT Gondolas)
                                     Mon Savon au Lait
                                    TWA Los Angeles (Hollywood Lights/ David Klein/Constellation)
                                  Bossard Bonnel Lotti Clown
Campari Soda (Soccer Players)
                              Pepita Eptinger (Light-Blue)
                          American Airlines To Chicago
                          Hartevelt Citron (Chalk Drawing)
                         Binaca Toothpaste
                    Tenta Awning
Duminy & Co Champagne
             Exposition de Chats Le Journal (Cat Show)
           TWA Los Angeles (Palm Tree and Mission)
         Parijs per Pullman (Paris by Pullman/Cafe Scene)
      Paris Le Printemps En France
   Odense Denmark Hans Christian Andersen
Exposition Canine 26me
 American Airlines to The Sun Country
 Original American Bares Singer Dancer and Equilibrist
Air France Air France
Air France Chile
Air France Great Britain / Grande Bretagne
Rolling Stones Tattoo You Keith Richards
Air France Greece
Air France Italy
Air France L'Inde
Air France Mexico
Air France Near East/ Proche Orient
Rolling Stones Tattoo You Mick Jagger
Antar, Conte Heroique Gabriel DuPont
Basque Coast France by Train
Canadian Pacific to Canadian Farm
Challenge Sigrand
Chicago (Bottom Panel)
The Beatles - Dell Magazine Poster Insert
Citroen Anti-stop
Contratto (38
Deauville polo
Ex Libris de Kat
Four Years In the Fight The Women of France YWCA
France Seaside Resorts
Gallia (Egg Man)
Genes et la Riviera Italienne (Genoa)
Hartvelt Framboise (Rasberry)
Hudson River Valley  by New York Central Train system
Im WInter Nach Kopenhagen
Independence Air New York
Italie (Sun Table)
Jantzen (Scuba Mask)
Join the Land Army Get Behind the Girl
Keep this Hand of Mercy at its Work RED CROSS
L'Egypte Pays Du Soleil Eternal
L'Extreme Orient Par les Messageries Maritimes
Le Corbusier Le Passe A Reaction Poetique
Lloyd Triestino India, Pakistan, Estremo Oriente
Martell Cognac France
Met een Boek (Squirrel)
Mt. St. Helens Northern Pacific Rail
Mummenschanz is not part of the King Tut Exhibit
New York Go by Train Pennsylvania Railroad
NSU Prima Scooter
Orbitz Visit Planet Earth (Eiffel Tower/Paris)
Orbitz Visit Planet Earth (Giraffes)
Orbitz Visit Planet Earth (Grand Canyon)
Orbitz Visit Planet Earth (Las Vegas)
Orbitz Visit Planet Earth (Southern California)
Orbitz Visit Planet Earth (Times Square)
Pan Am Italy (Swiss Guard)
Panagra Vuele a Bolivia
Scheveningen Holland
South Africa (Anytime)
Sure We'll Finish The Job
The Lone Trail
The Navy is Calling Enlist Now
The Sword is Drawn The Navy Upholds It
The Taming of the Shrew Central Park 1978
The West by  Pennsylvania Railroad (Horseriders)
The West Pennsylvania Railroad (Saddle)
The Wiz (3 Sheet)
Tidens Mobler (Bride)
Together With McGovern
Western Airlines Hawaii
Yellowstone Park Northern Pacific Rail
Zion National Park, Utah (Grand Canyon)
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                                                            Tulipes de Bagatelle (Bezombes)
                                   MISR  Airwork -Egyptian Airlines, Cairo
             Brasserie Vandenkerckhoven
          YWCA The Play's The Thing
 Rab (Croatia)
Air France - Route Map (White) 1/4 Sheet
Air France Paris  Mexico  1/4 Sheet
Air France Proche Orient (Yellow/ 1/4 Sheet)
Art et Publicite (Eye and Arrow)
Australian Eggs
Biere du Lion
Moet & Chandon
Casson Nos Chaines (CNI)
Eat More Cottage Cheese, You'll Need Less Meat
Geef Een Boek (Give a Book)
Jules Robin & Co. Cognac (Zithar player)
Laissez Circuler La Monnaie French School Children Series
Sugar Means Ships
Pharmacy Card: Egg Dyes (Small)
Pharmacy Card: Make Your Straw Hat Last out the Season
Pharmacy Card: Shampoo (Small)
Pharmacy Card: Tooth Preservation (Small)
Royal Muscat
SNCF Achetez une Carte
Trouville Beach Golf 2001
VAT 69 Finest Scotch Whisky
Venice Simplon Orient Express (Heart/ Small)
Venice Simplon Orient Express (Smoking Lady/ Small)
Venice Simplon Orient Express (Venice/ Small)
White Star Line-The World's Largest Liner