Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
New Acquisitions: Here is an opportunity to sample our newly acquired pieces. For some posters, images only are presented, with information to follow soon. Please call (212) 243-8834 or email if interested.
Many of these are still on paper; any irregularities are due to them not yet being linen backed.

New Acquisitions
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New Acquisitions
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                                                        Les Couronnes
                                                        London (St. Paul's Cathedral)
                                                  Heerlijk (Delicious)
                                               Rentree des Classes (Return to Class)
                                                                           Teamwork Builds Ships United States Shipping Board
                                             Dubonnet Vin Tonique au Quinquina
                                           La Francaise Diamant Pneus Denlop Selle Brown
                                         Australia Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
                                      Australia BOAC Snorkler
                                 Feuillet d'Art
                                           On the Job for Victory
                              Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line
                            Winter in Italien (Winter in Italy)
                           Le Daure est sur Toutes les Tables
                           Phoscao (Couple)
                                     Cornwall (Horizontal)
                         Bally (line figure)
                        Exposition Internationale Milan 1906 Simplon Tunnel (GOLD Variant)
                        Paddenstoelen (Mushrooms)
                      Lazy Man's Luck -Mather Work Incentive
                                   Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (Auto Ahoy!)
                     London Westminster  (Cathedral and Royal Procession)
                    Bic (Scribbles and Vertical Pen)
                    Noblesse Un Grand Vermouth
                  Paris Kobenhavn Cabaret
                 Bryce Canyon National Park Pennsylvania Railroad
                                 Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (with Caravan)
               Grand Canyon North Rim Pennsylvania Railroad
             Firenze Palazzo (Fountain)
      Naja Cigarettes
    Benger Riban Perlon (Green)
    Benger Riban Perlon (red)
                            Pepita (3 Sheet Panel Tryptic)
    Budvar Lager
   France Pays des Chateaux
   Fumer un Horn
 Miami Beach National Airlines
Air France - Paris (The World's Largest Airline) TURBO-PROP/1950's
American Airlines Long Island Sound (Sail Boats)
Air France The Caribbean
American Airlines 707 Astrojet Jet Age: Stage II
Arts Menagers (Couple in House/ Purple & White) 47x63
Australia 150th Anniversary Celebrations
Clairet Postillon Le Vinleger
Carpano/Bel Paese - Gastronomical Map of Italy (Food Map)
Cote Occidentale D'Afrique
Discover Australia During the Celebration
Dymchurch Railway - Dungeness
Dymchurch Railway - Greatstone
Fruit Fiesta Time White Satin Sugar
ERP Marshall Plan (Chef)
Fly BOAC & Qantas Australia
Ghent Belgium's Art Treasures
Greece (Buildings)
Hiver en Italie Le Jardin d'Europe
Gaytees Stormy Weather Shoes
Hong Kong Northwest Orient Airlines
Italia (Woman & Fruit Bowl)
Jet National Escape to Florida (BBQ)
Jet National Escape to Florida (Beach Swing)
Jet National Escape to Florida (Couple on the Beach)
Nothing Stops These Men Let Nothing Stop You
Jet National Florida (Golf)
Levende Orreder  Oscar Fredricksen Fiskehuset No. 1
Mexico  (Mexico City)
Mode Avantgarde
National Florida's Westcoast (Vignettes)
Olympic Park The Place For Fun (Horizontal)
New York Capital Airlines
Orient Line Cruises To the Mediterranean by Orion Orontes & Orcades
Southwell Minster Nottinghamshire British Railways
Spielbank Lindau Casino
St. Remy
Sydney Australia
Together We Win United States Shipping Board (Flagg)
Tokyo Grand Festival of Asakusa Kannon JAL (Gold)
Tonic Aperitivo Digestivo
Trans Caribbean Come Play in Our Lagoon
United Airlines Magnolias [New Orleans]
Visit the USSR in Winter
Western Australia
                                                                        Air France - Afrique Occidentale/Equatoriale (Elephants) 1/4 Sheet
                                                Tulipes de Bagatelle (Bezombes)
                                        Book Week Let's Read More (Owl)
                                       Geef een Boek (cat)
                          American Die Cut - Strawberry Ice Cream Cones
                                 Children's Book Festival (Red Riding Hood and Wolf)
                                 Reading is Fun, Book Week Nov. 15-21
                             2e Exposition D'Art Decoratif Galeire G. Giroux
                 Children's Book Festival (Lion & Lamb)
       Children's Book Festival (Boy Under Tree)
Air France - Route Map (White) 1/4 Sheet
50 Annees d'Imprimerie & De Publicite
Air France Europe (Colorful Vignettes) 1/4 Sheet
Air France Extreme Orient 1/4 Sheet (Bird)
Air France Paris  Mexico  1/4 Sheet
API Voghera (Cioccolato Torrone/ Smaller)
Ideal de Beaute Palmolive (Ideal Beauty)
Australia Sail Matson
Bermuda (Carriage Ride/ Small Format)
Bermuda (Carriage Ride/ Small Format)
Boekenweek Een Boek Schenkt Vreugde (A Book Gives Joy)
Boekenweek Week Trek Er Op Uit Met Een Boek (Biking Couple)
Children's Book Festival (Mother Bunny)
Even a Little Can Help A Lot US War Stamps and Bonds
Good Citizenship Guide (White Clouds)
Grow Your Own Can Your Own
La Sandale Pau
Morlant Champagne (Woman)
Oosthoek's Encyclopaedie
Slivovice Plum Brandy
Surinam An Explorers Paradise (Suriname)