Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Notable Artists: Chisholm Gallery is pleased to offer an outstanding selection of original vintage posters by many of the most famous and notable artists who designed classic images of the 1920's-1960's. (SCROLL BELOW TO VIEW)

A. M. Cassandre
A. M. Cassandre
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Carlu, Colin, Loupot
Carlu, Colin, Loupot
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Edward Penfield
Edward Penfield
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David Klein
David Klein
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Savignac, Leupin, Brun
Savignac, Leupin, Brun
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Notable Rarities
Notable Rarities
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Cappiello & His Contemporaries
Cappiello & His Contemporaries
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                                                                        Air France - Afrique Occidentale/Equatoriale (Elephants) 1/4 Sheet
                                                             California The Year 'Round
                                                            La Chablisienne
                                                            Lloyd Triestino The Highways to the Near East Egypt and Bombay
                                                          La Cote D'Azur (Eze & Le Cap Ferrat)
                                                             Les Ruines d'Angkor
                                                          Teinture Ideale
                                                      Amer Picon
                                                    Washington The City Beautiful
                                                Monaco (Cocteau)
                                              Imperial Airways Flying Boat
                                               Australia Calls You
                                               Cognac Sorin
                                        Paul Court Grand Vins De Bourgogne (France/Dijon)
                                      Visit India The Taj Mahal
                                       Vers Le Mont Blanc Tryptic
                                     Mon Savon au Lait
                                 Feuillet d'Art
                                Ambre Solaire (3 Men)
                            Time for Travel
                    See India Benares (Shep)
                                    Pola Venezia Giulia
                 Le Daure est sur Toutes les Tables
                Canadian National Railways- It's Mine! The Right Land for the Right Man
                Visit India Benares -Indian State Railways
               Allahabad- Indian State Railways
               New Mexico and Arizona Rockies Travel by Train
                                   Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (Auto Ahoy!)
               Visit India Budh Gaya- Indian State Railways
              Visit India Howrah Bridge Calcutta  - Indian State Railways
           Tasmania for the Angler
       Lillebaeltsroen Danske Statsbaner (Little Belt Bridge)
                                 Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (with Caravan)
     Campari (Black)
     Efficiency Tentoonstelling Amsterdam
Arts Menagers (Black and White 1930/ 47x63)
    Bananas Calorie Low... Vitality High!
Bic (Scribbles)
Break Reactions Grip
Egyptian State Railways Cairo
   KLM Douglas DC-3
Vers Le Mont Blanc Dawn
Vers Le Mont Blanc Day
Vers Le Mont Blanc Night                                                 Vers Le Mont Blanc Night
Warning! <br> Inflation Means Depression <br> Register Vote
British Empire Exhibition 1924 - (Gold Coast King of Ashantis))