Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
American Advertising in Miniature
Vintage posters are not always large street advertising pieces. This exhibition focuses on the behind the scenes world of the advertising agencies and pitch men and the small cards they distributed to promote themselves.
Although small in size, these ephemeral poster cards represent the best in American advertising in the 1920's to the 1940's. These miniature posters offer the collector an excellent opportunity to assemble great original designs at modest prices...and still leave room on the walls for more!
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The Mather Work Incentive Posters were an outstanding series of inspirational images and work place propaganda printed from 1923 to 1929.
The large posters were posted in factories and businesses to promote better work ethics and morale. This exhibition presents a very rare group of salesmen's poster cards, printed in very small format, To our knowledge, these samples were never printed in large poster format, perhaps because of the onset of the Great Depression in 1929.
Mather Series: A Total Loss
Mather Series: Always in the Running
Mather Series: Brains
Mather Series: Buck Passers Cheat Themselves
Mather Series: Builders Wanted
Mather Series: Excuses Get you Nothing
Mather Series: Floaters Always Float Down Stream
Mather Series: Full Speed Ahead
Mather Series: Gold Bricks
Mather Series: Groundlings Never Soar
Mather Series: Happy New Year!
Mather Series: Here Comes Old Man Late
Mather Series: Higher Every Minute
Mather Series: Ice Ahead!
Mather Series: Into the Port of Promise
Mather Series: It Pays
Mather Series: Landmarks On the Trail
Mather Series: Link Sink Ships
Mather Series: Lost 5 Minutes
Mather Series: Memo
Mather Series: Merry Christmas
Mather Series: Never Mind the Bumps
Mather Series: Nobody Loves a Nagger
Mather Series: Our Nation's Birthday
Mather Series: Quick as a Flash
Mather Series: Round Up Your Thoughts
Mather Series: Seeking the Better Route
Mather Series: Ship Shape
Mather Series: Someone Must Give Orders
Mather Series: Speak Well of Your Firm
Mather Series: Tangle Footed
Mather Series: Teamwork
Mather Series: Thanksgiving Day
Mather Series: The 5000 Year Scowl
Mather Series: They Turn Toward the Sun
Mather Series: Tomorrow Never Comes
Mather Series: Too Late!
Mather Series: Who Appreciates Neat Work
Mather Series: Why Pay Toll
Mather Series: Wild Goose Chase
Mather Series: Your Best Customer

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This series of miniature subway cards were designed to present new and original ideas in subway card treatments by some of the country's foremost poster artists. The poster cards were mailed out weekly by the New York Subways Advertising company to possible NYC subway advertisers. It is rare to see so many at once!
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> A Subway Poster Pulls
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Enough Times To Tell It
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Rails To Sales
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Say It Fast...
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Stop 'Em to Sell 'Em
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 01 - Advertising Men
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Subway Posters Perform Daily
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Subway Posters Really Cover...
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> X Marks the Spot
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 02 - Housewives
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 03 - Hunger on Wheels
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 04 - New York is Big
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 05 - Color Tells It - Sells It
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 06 - Selling Selling Selling Sold
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 07 - You Can't Hear Red
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 08 - This is Subway Advertising
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 09 - A Secret
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 10 - 23 Minutes With Your Customer
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 11 - 23 Minute Trip-tease
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 12 - From Car to Counter
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 13 - Subway Car Cards
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 14 - Repitition Means Remembrance
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 15 - Tough
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 16 - Color Sells It
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 17 - To Tell the Truth Color is Better
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 18 - Zodo
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 19 - She's Going For A Ride...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 20 - Homeward Bound and Hungry As...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 21 - No Hiding Place Down There
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 22 - This Is Visual Click
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 23 - Enough Time To Tell It...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 24 - Enough Time To Tell It... 23 Minutes
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 25 - More People More Sales