Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Products: Sewing machines, typewriters, umbrellas, cigarettes, soap… every imaginable product sold through street advertising posters from 1890 to modern times.

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approximately 20x30" and smaller
                                                                       Geef een Boek (Hand with Gift)
                                        Book Week Let's Read More (Owl)
                 Children's Book Festival (Lion & Lamb)
               LYR (Rainbow Cat)
 RAP kies uw RAP uit 3 modellen
              AutoRadio (Philips Auto Radio)
             Bally Ball Kick (Small)
        Bally Legs Orange Men
        Succes Boeken (Dutch Book Week/ Owls)
       Children's Book Festival (Boy Under Tree)
       Zeiss Ikon Dresden - Taxona
    Benger Riban Perlon (Green)
    Benger Riban Perlon (red)
   Imprimeries Reunies s.a. Lausanne (20x30)
   Vaderdag zondag
Bendix (Girl, Refrigerator, Mitten)
 Bally Lotus (Small)
 Boekenweek '56
01 Dorel
1947 Del Libro X Feria Ministerole and Educational Cultura Popular
Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Bird Guide
Bally (Neon Trails/ Men's Shoe)
Bally (Neon Trails/Woman's Shoe)
Bally (Pink & Red Lady)
Daily Express Miniature Garden
Bally Abstract (Small Format)
Bally Blonde (Small)
Beurs voor meubelen Utrecht
Blendschutz! - Neophan Lenses
Boekenweek (Black and White/ Reader in a Chair)
David Gilles Fishing Nets
Boekenweek (Dutch Book Week Trumpet, Bird, & Book)
Boekenweek (Dutch Book Week/ Door)
Boekenweek (Letters)
Boekenweek (Statue)
Boekenweek Een Boek Schenkt Vreugde (A Book Gives Joy)
Favor Cycle & Motos (Stripes)
Boekenweek Week Trek Er Op Uit Met Een Boek (Biking Couple)
Butterick -Gingham Plaid
Caloria (Stove)
Favor Cycles/Motos (Horizontal/SMALL)
Children's Book Festival (Mother Bunny)
Children's Spring Book Festival
Cuisinez Bon La Plaque Automatic Scholtes
Dit Was Flinkin in 1943
Ideal de Beaute Palmolive (Ideal Beauty)
Dutch Furniture Exhibition
Emprunt Acier (Yellow Car 23x31)
Engrais D'Aubry
Engrais d'Aubry  (Grapes)
Engrais Pour Jardin
Ivory Soap Maquette
Fabrica de Tejidos de Algodon
Florodol Soap
French School Children Series Economisons
Frigidaire Super Congelateur
Geef Een Boek (Give a Book)
Larousse Santas
Geef en Boek (Give a Book)
Geef en boek - Zoek niet langer
Hengstenberg Machines A Coudre
Igol Antigel
Le Nil - Rolling Papers (CARTON)
Je Suis Jolie
Kayak Pliant
L' Avaiation Nouvelle
Le Nil Cut-Out Carton
La Digoinite
La Moto Peugeot (Red Rocks)
La Rhonsonnette
La Rumeur
Neckar - Fagst 770
La Sandale Pau
Le Progres
Les Cycles Alcyon Sillonnent Le Monde
Liberator Cycles and Automobiles (Name Day Calendar)
Lippincott's December (Woman in Green)
Schneider Radio & Television
Maison Henry & Cie
Maraschi Vigevano - Harp
Maraschi Vigevano - Pianos
Met Mozart Op Wandel (Walking With Mozart)
Mode Avantgarde
Murphy Radio 1
Muski skal der til Spil selv (TV)
Olivetti (Abacus)
Olivetti (Black)
Olivetti (Blue)
Olivetti (White)
Pansies Ferry's Seeds
Pate Stella Rondot - Carton
Pepa Bonafe
Pharmacy Card: Articles for Your Comfort During the Hot Days
Pharmacy Card: Conscientious Prescription Work
Pharmacy Card: Egg Dyes (Small)
Pharmacy Card: For Your Vacation Equipment
Pharmacy Card: Make Your Straw Hat Last out the Season
Pharmacy Card: Our Ability and Record Means Your Prescriptions Saftey
Pharmacy Card: Our Olive Oil Unequaled for Fineness and Fullness of Flavor
Pharmacy Card: Shampoo (Small)
Pharmacy Card: Tooth Preservation (Small)
Philips Television (Cassandre)
Philips- spiller på kvaliteten (Vignettes of Perfomers)
Pompes Deloule Lyon
Premier Soleil Collection d'Ete
Rugby Sportswear For All Good Sports Betting Man
San Rival (Sexy Gardener)
Sanders Chickens
Sanders Cows
Saturday Evening Post - Revolt in Philadelphia
Scientific Interior Lighting
Singer Sewing Machines
Sow Ferry's Seeds
Spratt's Mixed Ovals (Dog Biscuits)
St Valentin
Stap er eens uit met een boek
Super BP 08 (Car)
Supertone Television Radio Electrophones
The Jungle Book
Tidens Mobler (Bride)
Toy Department
Vaklieden Voor!
Valentine Paints
Vita (Le Graines Vivantes)
Vlieg er een uit met een boek (Dutch Book Week/Butterflies)
Vlieg Er eens uit Met een Boek (Dutch Book Week/ Fly with a Book!)
White Sewing Machine Co.
Zet Vader in de Mode (Blue Coat)
Zet Vader in de Mode (Pink)