Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Products: Sewing machines, typewriters, umbrellas, cigarettes, soap… every imaginable product sold through street advertising posters from 1890 to modern times.

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approximately 36x51" to 22x34"
                                                                        Tenta Awning
                                            Blumen zum Feste
                                         IBM (Eye Bee M/ Rebus)
       The New Riley 4 sixty eight
                                    Sutterlin (Three Dapper Men)
                                    Tuch AG - Penguin
                                 Feuillet d'Art
                          ANA Australian National Airways (Telephone)
     Peugeot Velomoteurs et Motocylettes
                         Bata Rock n Roll (Rock and Roll)
                     Grieder (Snowflake Woman)
                  De Dion Bouton
                 J.B. Louvet (JB Louvet la Bicyclette)
BB Griffon Motorscooters
                 Nouveautes du Printemps
             Exposition de Chats Le Journal (Cat Show)
           AGA TV
          Savonike Soap
         Hamol Ultra
Catros Gerand Graines de Semence Grande Selection (Seeds)
         Persil (Sailing)
        Bemberg Motorcycles
       Aargauer Newspaper (Frog)
       Dauphine Renault
     Shafthauser Wolle
Citroen DS
   Studio CL. Desmules
  Telephon - Rundspruch
  Vespa Ca C'est Formidable
Container Corp. of America - Empire City
  Zetthaus Meyer Optik
 Aspasia Seife (Cat)
 Fumer un Horn
 Lahco Helanca
Drenge Og Piger (Boys and Girls)
 Somella Matratzen
01 Hirondelle St. Etienne
Agnes b.
Bata (Boots)
Berliet Service Attentif
Bic (Scribbles)
Bomba Bloch
Bouille Barousse CALXO Vitcole (Eagle)
Camping (Chair and Tent)
Canton Fourrures (Canton Furs)
Ferrania (Light Blue Panel)
Carthusia Perfume Capri
Chappee Le Grande Marque Francaise
Container Corp. of America Harlem (Apollo)
Container Corporation of America - Lincoln Center New York
Ferrania (Yellow Panel)
De Volkskrant - De Beste Krant Van Nederland
Del Monte Garden Show (Orange Butterfly)
Denise Benoit
Disque Blue Filtre
Ferrania (Yellow to Red Panel)
Dog-O-San (Boxer)
Dog-O-San (German Shepard)
Dog-O-San (Mutt or Jack Russell)
Ducretet Thompson (Red)
Ducretet Thomson Radio (Ear)
Gaytees Stormy Weather Shoes
ED. Sagot
Emprunt Acier (Rig 32x47)
Emprunt Acier (Yellow Car 30x40)
En morgen... een middag... een avond in Mei. (Dutch Fashion Week/ Open Birdcage)
Geef een Boek (Rainy Day)
Gitanes (Pink Horizontal)
Gitanes (Black and White)
Gitanes (Collage)
Gitanes (Column)
Gitanes (Shoes)
Gitanes (Tropical)
Grammont Face (40 x 30)
Gitanes Filtre (32x47 Morvan)
Horlogerie Bijouterie (Jewelry and Timepieces)
Impereabili Moretti
Jantzen (Scuba Mask)
La Vasselais Sample Sheet
Jawa 250 motorcycle
Jawa Motorcycles
Kleider AG
L'Echo de Normandie
La Remington Silencieuse
New York Times, You Get More (Dog)
Lampes Philips (Parade)
Le Figaro (Bunad and Skaut)
Le Figaro (Kokoshnik and Veil)
Le Monde
Peugeot Couple (Medium Size 31
LIP Watches
Maestro Cigars
Marylan Creme
Met een Boek (Squirrel)
Produits des Rosati
Miracle Radios
Mode a la Carte
Museum Fur Gestaltung - Zurich
New York Is About New York
Olympia AEG (Blue)
Punch - Topical, Critical, Witty and Wise
Olympia Typewriter (Green)
PaperMate (Love letter)
Philips (Family) <br>Lampes Philips
Philips (Music Note & Magnet)
Philips Radios
Philips Record Player (Green)
Princeps S.A. Cervo Italia
Ratty Batty
Red Goose Shoes
Shell - Summer
Regardez! Ribet Desjardins
Rizo Bath Powder
Sel-Savon Robur
Sport (Newspaper)
US Kedettes <br> Keds Tennis Shoe
Styleez Compare and You'll Wear (Purple)
Styleez Compare and You'll Wear (Red)
Styleez Easy Goers
Styleez Summer Summary
Styleez Wear the Shoes... (Blue)
US Kiddie Keds
The Village Voice: Expect the Unexpected (Magician)
Thermogene (Smaller Version)
v Amphicar Auto Ahoi! ( Caravan)
Tokalon Fish
Try a Parrot Cigar
Unic Radio
Voitures d'Enfants
Weerzien der Zwaluwensame (Dutch Fashion Week/ Swallows))
v Amphicar Auto Ahoi! (Auto Ahoy!)
Weill - Paris - Pret a Porter
Zenith Watch