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World War I Era
World War I Era
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World War II Era
World War II Era
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Various Propaganda
Various Propaganda
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Public Causes
Public Causes
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                 Send the Eagle's Answer More Ships
    Reservez Le Vin   (French School Children Series Wine)
Be A Dad to Him
Be Patriotic
Eat  Less
                                           On the Job for Victory
Eat More Corn Oats Rye
Emprunt de la Paix Souscrivez a la Banque Industrielle de Chine
Food Will Win the War (Italian)
French School Children Series Economisons
French School Children Series Economisons Le Pain
                                       Teamwork Builds Ships United States Shipping Board
French School Children Series Le Gaz
French School Children Series Mangez Moins (Fish)
French School Children Series Nous Saurons (Candy Shop)
Have You a Red Cross Service Flag
Hip-Hip Another Ship Another Victory
L'Emprunt de La Liberation
Join the Air Service - Serve in France
Le Journal (Le Cruel Vatenguerre)
Little Americans Do Your Bit
Make Every Minute Count
Save (Wheat, Meat, Fats Sugar)
Save A Loaf
Share - Jewish Relief Fund - New Jersey Drive
The Fruits of Victory
The Kaiser is Canned
The Navy Put 'Em Across - The Service For Travel and Training
Nothing Stops These Men Let Nothing Stop You
Together We Win United States Shipping Board (Flagg)
US Army - 500 Bakers Wanted
US Bonds Third Liberty Loan Boyscouts of America
US Navy Help Your County Enlist in the Navy
YWCA The Girl on the Land
Which Will Win? War Peace - Disarm!