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Autos & Buses
Autos & Buses
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                                                            Lloyd Triestino The Highways to the Near East Egypt and Bombay
                                           Cunard Line to  All Parts of the World (cutaway)
                                      Royal Mail to New York
             Paris St. Lazare a Londres (L'Etat)
           Royal Mail Sunshine Cruises
                                                         NYC Harbor Festival - The Liners are Coming
          Big Ship Route - White Star Line
          South Africa & Australia White Star
         Monaco (Cocteau)
       Messageries Maritimes (Family)
      Cie de Navigation Mixte -  l' Algerie, la Tunisie, et les Baleares
                                           On the Job for Victory
    South and East Africa Union Castle Line
    USSR (Intourist/ Poster of Postcard to NYC)
   Orient Line to Australia The New Liner
  Italian Line (The Sunny Southern Route)
  Messageries Maritmes Egypte Syrie Liban
                                      NYC Harbor Festival 1983 - A Scandinavian American Salute (Large)
 Gota Canal <br> Sweden's Scenic Waterway
Alcoa Sails the Caribbean
Australia Sail Matson
Bibby Line to Sunshine in Egypt Ceylon Burma
British India Line East Africa
                              Harbor Festival- Salute to Asia
Cunard - USA & Canada
Emprunt de la Paix Souscrivez a la Banque Industrielle de Chine
Engagez Vous Dans La Marine
Fabre Line - Mediterranean / New York
Fly to Bermuda by Clipper- Pan Am (Carriage Ride)
         Furness Cruises to Bermuda and the West Indies
French Line Ile de France
French Line SS France A New Concept in Luxury for All
Furness Cruises on the Queen of Bermuda (Tourists with Bike)
Grace Line - Caribbean <br> South American Cruises
Greece Aegean Island Jetty
 Alaska  Line Map
Hamburg Amerika Linie Croisieres Aux Pays Du Nord
Hamburg Amerika Linie/ Hamburg America Line
Hapag Hamburg Amerika Linie
Hip-Hip Another Ship Another Victory
Italian Line to the Mediterranean and all Europe (Sunbather)
Antilles - Paquebot - Cut-away
L'Extreme Orient Par les Messageries Maritimes
La Hollande
Le Poisson Volants
Les Regates du Soleil (Regetta)
Ligue Maritime et Coloniale Francaise
Harbor Festival 1979, Join the Armada
Marine National
Menorca L'Ille Blanche et Bleue (Minorca)
New York Par La 'Transat'
NYC Harbor Festival 1979
RMSP Cruises - West Indies
SNCF - France by Train (Frankreich/ Sailboats)
SNCF Costa del Atlantico Francia
The Americas  Pan Am Map
They're Off! On a White Star Line Holiday to USA and Canada
Ste. Gle. De Transports Martimes a Vapeur
Travel P&O
White Star Line-The World's Largest Liner
The Industrial North

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