Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Small Format Posters:

Designed to be displayed in store windows, in door panels, or behind the bar or grocery counter as point of purchase displays, these small images are of the same quality of graphic design and range as their larger counterparts. Their more diminutive size offers the opportunity to collect the major styles and subjects of vintage advertising posters in a format that is much easier to place in any collector's home of office.

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                                                Suggestions at the Holiday Table
                                      Nescao Nestle
                           Conserves Le soliel
                      Patisserie - Des Gateaux! Des Gateaux!
                             Limonades BRB
                 Tuborg Mumme
             Couzan Brault (Diagonal Bottle)
    Les Gouttes D'or
    Reservez Le Vin   (French School Children Series Wine)
   La France Touristique et Gastronomique Map
       Kraft Caramel Apples
7up The
A. Capoulade
American Die Cut - Milkshakes
American Die Cut Chocolate Milk Shakes
API Voghera (Cioccolato Torrone/ Smaller 13x19)
     Folger's Coffee Lifetime Choices
As the Twig is Bent (Boy)
As the Twig is Bent (Girl)
Australian Eggs
Azzali (Pomodoro)
Banania - Course a la Lune
American Die Cut - Strawberry Ice Cream Cones
Bianchi Vermouth
Biere Schneider - Fabrique de Boissons Gazeuses
Buchanan's Black and White Scotch Whisky (English Pointer)
C & H - Cup of Gold Aloha
C & H - Orchid Aloha
C & H - Powdered Sugar
California Wines - Burgundy - Sauterne
Castar Mena (Meynckens & Nackaerts)
Chat Noir - Instant
Cognac Sauvion (Point of Purchase Display)
Coca Cola (Beach Couple)
Consommez des Crudites (Crudités)
Couzan Brault
Cuisinez Bon La Plaque Automatic Scholtes
De St. Pierre D'Argecon Eau de Table
Contre La Grippe un Vin Chaud
Dubonnet (Winter Wear)
Dubonnet Menu
Dubonnet Skier
Eat More Cottage Cheese, You'll Need Less Meat
Guinness, Down With Guinness You'll Feel Better (Horizontal Panel)
Edouard Besserat Champagne (Carton)
Elle & Vire
Fetes de La Vigne (The Vine Festival)
Fine Monis
Float with Coke (Ice Cream Faces)
Kronenbourg Beer
Florida Grapefruit
Florida Grapefruit Nature's Bracer Fruit
Foie Gras
For Vitality Eat Greens Daily
French School Children Series Economisons Le Pain
Maggi - Soupe de Poisson
French School Children Series Mangez Moins (Fish)
French School Children Series Nous Saurons (Candy Shop)
Izarra Liqueur
Jello Kangaroo
Jello Seal
Nicolas (Small Horizontal)
John Hopps & Sons Mazara del Vallo
L' Hote
La Favorite
Laiteries Guyon
Nicolas (Wine Catalog Insert)
Lenzbourg (Fruit/Raspberries)
Little Americans Do Your Bit
Loterie Nationale Biscuits Caseines
Loterie Nationale Cuisines
Maggi - Bouillon Gras
Oleagineux La France Manque d'Huile
Morlant Champagne (Yellow)
Nicolas - Beaucoup de Rouge
Nicolas - Elle m'a Commande un Cocktail
Nicolas - Elle vous Attend Depuis 40 ans
Nicolas - Je n'entends Pas ce que je Bois
Orange Fruit
Nicolas - La Belle au Bois Dormant
Nicolas - La Tentation
Nicolas - Pour Moi... de l'eau
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (American Bar)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Bar Scene)
Pates Alimentaires
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Beach Scene)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Bride and Groom)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Crib Scene)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Expecting Scene)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Genie)
Pates Edelweiss Capitan (Pasta)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (New Home Scene)
Nicolas - Rose et Noir (Statue of Liberty)
Nicolas - Spiderweb
Nicolas - Tant pis Pour Mon Docteur
Nicolas Wine Cataloques
Pepsi Cola Bigger Better (Fish)
Panzani Pates Sauce (Woman)
Perrier (Red and Black Figures)
Pharmacy Card: Our Olive Oil Unequaled for Fineness and Fullness of Flavor
Remember A Loaf of Butter-Nut Bread
Pernod Fils 45
Rita Bisquits Carton
Royal Muscat
Saumur Champigny Harmonie
Sauvion's Brandy
Pils 58
Slivovice Plum Brandy
Tripes - Normandie
Vin de Suresnes
Vin Sautel au Grenache Vieux
Vita (Le Graines Vivantes)
Plaisir de Boire Ne Dure Qu'un Moment
Zapparoli il migliore di Milano
Primior D'abord Wine
Vin Rose du Postillon
Weref Tee
Wrangoo - Austral Red Wine - Gilbey's