Chisholm Gallery Vintage Posters
Small Format Posters:

Designed to be displayed in store windows, in door panels, or behind the bar or grocery counter as point of purchase displays, these small images are of the same quality of graphic design and range as their larger counterparts. Their more diminutive size offers the opportunity to collect the major styles and subjects of vintage advertising posters in a format that is much easier to place in any collector's home of office.

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Small Format - Exhibits & More
                    Qantas Pacific Islands
                Lippincott's - February (Valentines)
             Tulipes de Bagatelle (Bezombes)
        Vaincre Le Cancer
       Exposition Postale et Philatelique La Poste & Le Timbre-Poste
   Amerika schildert
     Harpers April
    Trio Raisner
   Moderne Kunst aus USA
   Musique de Chambre Divonne Les Bains
   Red Star Line
  Nice - O'Connor Giraudy's Hotel
   Zet vader in de mode vaderdag
  Santa Fe - All The Way
  Santa Fe The Chief Way
 Amor Musicae
 Le Corbusier
 Henry Heide's Marzipan
 May Century - Garden Number
12th Tour de France
A Girl Who Wrote
Air Algerie (Quarter Sheet)
Allez au Musee de L'Homme
American Democracy Private Enterprise
Amphitryon 38
Antigone by  Jean Anouilh
Aquarium de Monaco
Air France - Route Map (Orange - World Map)
Architectures en France
ARP - Auxiliary Firemen Wanted
ARP Men Wanted
ARP Women Wanted
Art et Publicite
Air France - Route Map (White)
Arts Menagers
Arts Menagers
Arts Menagers
Arts Menagers - Brown
Arts Menagers -1965
Celestial Orbits
Bagatelle Roses 1979
Bal de La Pharmacie
Bal de Sevres
Cycles Gladiator Paris (People)
Bal Ponts et Chaussees
Balkan Tourist - Golden Sands
Braniff Airlines - Argentina
Century - Midwinter Fiction Number
Challenge Round de la Coupe Davis
Dressage Club - Molenbeekois
Chateau de Balleroy
Chrysanthemes Porte D'Auteuil
Chrysanthemes Porte D'Auteuil
Cinzano Fan
Fragrance (London Underground)
Civil Defense - Mother and Children
Credit Foncier de France (Emprunt)
Dahlias - Domaine Sceaux
Damn Yankees
Grande Epicurie du Centre
Design for Living
Dessins D'Enfants Vietnamiens
Dole Pineapple
Don't Burn Waste Paper - Call a Collector!
Harper's November
Een Juist Oordeel Berust op Waarneming
Empire Builder
Engagez Vous Dans La Marine
Epitaph for George Dillon  by John Osborne & Anthony Creighton
ERP/Marshall Plan - For European Prosperity (Whistle)
Etoile du Nord (Black & White)
Fetes de Fleurs
Floralies Internationales Paris - 1959
Folly or Saintliness
Foralies International Paris 64 Palais De La Defense
Map of Long Island
Fortune (Magazine Cover)
French School Children Series - Le Gaz
Gemeentem Museum - Arnhem 4 Grafici
Good Citizenship Guide (White Clouds)
Grand Vins de Bordeaux - Robert Behrend & Cie.
Mather Series: A Total Loss
Grauvures Modernes Americaines
Harper’s Bazaar November Fur Hat
Harper's - March
Harper's - May
Mather Series: Always in the Running
Harper's - October
Harper's April
Harper's April Joan of Arc
Harper's Bazaar Cover - Flower
Harper's Bazaar Cover - Key
Mather Series: Brains
Harper's Bazaar Cover - Map
Harper's Bazaar Cover - Woman and Flowers
Harper's Bazaar Cover - Woman on Clouds
Harper's May
Harper's October
Mather Series: Buck Passers Cheat Themselves
Harpers 1897
Hiswa - Rai Expo (Sailboat)
Holland's Glory (Hollands Glory)
Honor thy Mother and Father
Imperial Airways, See Europe
Mather Series: Builders Wanted
In the Summerhouse
Int. Paastournooi Hockey Bloemendaal
J. Cavailles - Galerie Andre Romanet
Kunstlerhaus Herbst Ausstellung
Mather Series: Floaters Always Float Down Stream
Kvindear - Brod og Roser (Woman's Year - Bread and Roses)
L'Art du Verre
L'Hay Les Roses (Black)
L'Interantionale Verte
Mather Series: Full Speed Ahead
La Machine N'est Pas Toujours
Le Parc de Bagatelle
Les Chrysanthemems - Marie de Paris
Leuthold Paul Feuerbach
Lippincott's - March (Dark Blue Jacket)
Mather Series: Groundlings Never Soar
Lippincott's - September (Cruise)
Lippincott's March (Yellow Coat)
LMS Best Way
Marine National
Marine Nationale - Officier de Marine
Mather Series: Happy New Year!
Messagerie Maritime Globe
Messageries Maritime Sydney
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> A Subway Poster Pulls
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Enough Times To Tell It
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Rails To Sales
Mather Series: Here Comes Old Man Late
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Say It Fast...
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Stop 'Em to Sell 'Em
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Subway Posters Perform Daily
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> Subway Posters Really Cover...
Mini Subway Poster Card <br> X Marks the Spot
Mather Series: Higher Every Minute
Motocycle Club de France
Musee de L'Affiche (Scroll)
National Letter Writing Week
Mather Series: Ice Ahead!
New York World's Fair - Come Back to the Fair
Newport RI 1970
Nicolas - Un Petite De Peu Blanc
Non! Pas Ca! S'abstenir c'est Deserter!
Nuit Interalliee - L'Aviation
Mather Series: Into the Port of Promise
NYC Harbor Festival 1979
October Century - Field Sports and Fiction
Odense Arets By
Pacific Panorama (California Map)
Mather Series: It Pays
Palm Springs - Southern Pacific
Pate Stella Rondot - Carton
Photokina Cologne
Pret a Porter - Cannes
Printemps A Bagatelle 1975
Mather Series: Landmarks On the Trail
Private Lives
Proud -- I'll say
Quinzaine De La Rose 1952
Rain   -   Colton & Randolph
Roses de Bagatelle
Mather Series: Link Sink Ships
Roses de Bagatelle (1960)
Roses De Bagatelle 1969
Salon D'Automne (Nude)
Salon des Cent
Mather Series: Lost 5 Minutes
Salon des Oiseaux
Scribner's (The Christmas Scribner) Three Kings Vignette
Scribner's Christmas Number (Three Kings of Orient Night)
Scribner's for June
Mather Series: Memo
Skiing in France
SNCF Cote D'azur (Bezombes)
Sons of Mothers
Souther Arizona - Southern Pacific
Space Captain
Mather Series: Merry Christmas
St. Nicholas - August
Steam Ship
Stot Kvindehojskolen - Support Women's College (Black)
Stot Kvindehojskolen - Support Women's College (Blue)
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room
Mather Series: Never Mind the Bumps
The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
The Chalk Garden
The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams
The Sunday Journal
The Under-Pants -Carl Sternheim
Mather Series: Our Nations Birthday
Toulouse - Music Festival
Tulipes De Bagatelle
Tulips de Bagetelle (Yellow/Red)
TWA - New York (Klein/Statue of Liberty/Small Version)
Mather Series: Round Up Your Thoughts
Two Women and a Fool
Union Pacific Railroad Columbia River Gorge
Use Extra Care This Winter
Venice Simplon Orient Express (Grapes)
Victoria Luxury Caribbean Cruises
Mather Series: Seeking the Better Route
Yale Bulldog
Zet vader in de mode (Two Children and Cat)
Mather Series: Ship Shape
Mather Series: Tangle Footed
Mather Series: Thanksgiving Day
Mather Series: They Turn Toward the Sun
Mather Series: Tomorrow Never Comes
Mather Series: Who Appreciates Neat Work
Mather Series: Why Pay Toll
Mather Series: Wild Goose Chase
Mather Series: Your Best Customer
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 01 - Advertising Men
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 02 - Housewives
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 03 - Hunger on Wheels
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 04 - New York is Big
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 05 - Color Tells It - Sells It
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 07 - You Can't Hear Red
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 09 - A Secret
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 10 - 23 Minutes With Your Customer
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 11 - 23 Minute Trip-tease
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 12 - From Car to Counter
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 13 - Subway Car Cards
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 14 - Repitition Means Remembrance
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 15 - Tough
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 16 - Color Sells It
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 17 - To Tell the Truth Color is Better
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 18 - Zodo
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 19 - She's Going For A Ride...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 20 - Homeward Bound and Hungry As...
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 21 - No Hiding Place Down There
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 24 - Enough Time To Tell It... 23 Minutes
Mini Subway Car Card <br>No. 25 - More People More Sales
Oranges from Brazil - Juicier Still!
Reseau Aerien Francais
Rouen to Paris
The Greyhound Lines (US Map)
The Two Rogers
Trouville - La Reine des Plages
TWA - Phoenix
Union Pacific Railroad California San Gabriel Mountains
Union Pacific Railroad Mount Hood Oregon
Vacation Discovery