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General Dynamics, Industry<br/> & Exhibitions
General Dynamics, Industry
& Exhibitions
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Travel and Transportation
Travel and Transportation
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                                                             Qantas Canada (Mountie)
                                                  TWA Africa
                               TWA Los Angeles (Hollywood Lights/ David Klein/Constellation)
           TWA Los Angeles (Palm Tree and Mission)
Air France Paris (Dove Variant)
Container Corp. of America - Empire City
Alcoa Sails the Caribbean
American Airlines - Chicago Pacific Airlines
American Airlines 1964 New York World's Fair
Aquarium Mosans
Berliet Service Attentif
Container Corp. of America - Broadway
Container Corp. of America Harlem (Apollo)
Container Corporation of America - Wall Street
Delightful Denmark Famous for Food and Fairtales
ELAL Israel Airlines (To Israel in only 3 1/2 hours)
Italian Line to the Mediterranean and all Europe (Sunbather)
Liege Belgium (Congress Building)
Pan Am - Round the World