Rural Slums On Worn Out Land  (Resettlement)

Rural Slums On Worn Out Land (Resettlement)

by R.H. Jansen
38 W. x 25 H. inches (96 x 63 cm)
$2230.00 Has large 20" tear. On linen. See condition notes below.

A dust bowl farmer stands in a desolate farmhouse "on worn out land." The Resettlement Administration, a new deal agency that between April 1935 and December 1936, relocated struggling families to communities planned by the federal government. CONDITION NOTES: Replaced lower left corner approximately 4", Tears and some side water staining on the left side. Also has large 20" tear at the bottom of poster from right edge to the "T" of "resettlement" lettering. On archival linenbacking. Good vibrant color. Visually sound. This is still a very RARE and important poster. CONDITION ALREADY REFLECTED IN THE PRICE.

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