50's-60's Modernism

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General Dynamics, Industry & Exhibitions

The General Dynamics posters are a great modernist series printed during the 1950's by the company to help improve their identity in the eyes of the public. The artist, Erik Nitsche, was a major innovator in design at the time. He created the first of the GD series for the 'International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy' in Geneva, 1955... Hence the moto: Atoms for Peace, printed in several different languages. Nitsche then continued to create posters for the company, focusing on their role in science and technology, until 1960, where they were also used as the centerpieces for other trade shows and conferences. They range in price from $1400 to $3800. Additional posters in this section include those on Industry & Exhibitions and Science.


General Dynamics

General Dynamics - Canadair General Dynamics - Electrodynamics General Dynamics - Electronic Intelligence General Dynamics - Nucleodynamics General Dynamics - Pyramid General Dynamics - Solardynamics General Dynamics - Subatomic Worlds General Dynamics Aerodynamics General Dynamics Convair Globe with Stripes General Dynamics World Globe Flags


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