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Le Rire Covers & Pages

Original vintage Le Rire Covers and Pages that date from around 1900. Most of these are UNBACKED.

Le Rire ("Laughter") was a successful French humor magazine published from October 1894 until its final issue in April 1971. The satirical journal was filled with excellent drawings by prominent artists. It featured full-page chromotypographs on both covers and in the centerfold. Illustrations were contributed by well-known artists such as Théophile Steinlen, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Georges Goursat, René Georges Hermann-Paul, Juan Gris, Lucien Metivet, Georges Meunier, Jean-Louis Forain, Adolphe Willette, Joaquín Xaudaró, Leonetto Cappiello, Albert Guillaume, Manuel Luque, Jules Grandjouan, Abel Faivre, and Jules-Alexandre Grun. (wikipedia)


Le Rire: Men and Women

Le Rire - A Deauville: La Belle Et La Bete Le Rire - La Veuve Joyeuse

Le Rire: Overtly Political

Le Rire - En Place Pour Le Quadrille Le Rire - Guano du Perou

Le Rire: General Humor and Other

Le Rire - L'Escalier Le Rire Mars 1913 Genty Contre Johnson (Boxer) Le Rire - A L'Elysee: La Distribution Des Prix Le Rire - L'Embarquement Des Comedians Pour Cythere Le Rire - Le Cambrioleur: Arretez-Le! Le Rire - Le Chauffeur Le Rire - Le Sire De Vergy Le Rire - On Pend la Crémaillère Le Rire - Table Scene